Friday, 4 July 2008



I'm off to China
I'm back on anti-depressants
And I'm striving to be a VERY desperate, VERY suicidal and VERY sexy alcoholic with almost no waistline.
Pieces and Love :)

Tuesday, 1 July 2008




So my days at VIVA Magazine are over. If I stapled together all my bus receipts I could make a full skirt like so:

Reiss. by the way. I probably spent 6 hours of my day commuting. Regardless, I would do it again. I mostly did a lot of research for upcoming projects (the majority of which belonged to the travel and leisure sections of the magazine), and called up companies and gathered information. There was literally one day of filing and no days of getting everyone's coffee. I may also get a chance to take part in their monthly 'Great Debate' section, where a couple women gather to (obviously) discuss a topic. Next month's topic is celebrity related I think. But there's a photoshoot of course, and I may not be around for that.'s hoping.

I also got to meet up with some people from Harper's Bazaar Dubai who offered me work experience as well, but I'm not sure when I'll be around again. July brings me to the start of a heavily packed travelling schedule, starting off with China in a couple days.

Anyway, while I was busy swearing at myself for forgetting their 'thank you' card at home, the VIVA team was putting together an expensive and heavy parting gift for (apparently) their longest and most efficient intern.

So I've spent half of my day in the bathroom already, testing out this firming cream, that aqua cream, and smelling like a million bucks, and am about to put on some white nail polish. I have absolutely no use for half this stuff (the avid fan of natural beauty and a good black liner that I am) but it seems by accident the Clinique Repairwear Lift SPF15 has cleared up the damage of some unfortunate spots overnight. The transformation is effing surreal. So...whatever, use it for the wrinkles and lines and the lifting and smoothing, but I just found me my acne medication (someone please tell me why I am now getting acne. My face used to be comparable to a baby's butt cheeks). I also really like the Spa Pedicure Cucumber Heel Therapy. Those babies can become quite dry out here in the desert.