Wednesday, 30 April 2008


I sense a growing interest in fetish illustrations. I'd like to think it's not because I'm sex-starved but due to the discovery of the amazing Coilhouse blog (a true cyberpunk/goth/alternative culture haven), as well as perusings through the Sex in Art blog and the Baby Art Blog. This is probably also down to the fact that I am scheming to become an uber glam gothic hot mess of a punkish bitch. Ever the new phase with me. You just gotta keep up. Whether you want to become a U.G.G.H.M.P.B or not, please go through those last two blogs for all manner of beautiful perversion. And don't tell me you don't want to. You SO do.

Itsuki Takashi's work reminds me a lot of the Malady Charlotina work that South West Londoner Christine does that I found on the Coilhouse blog. As she lives so close by, I think I'm going to make it my business to interview her...and her many pets.

I am SO buying the red prints and this last Rasputina-esque one. Anyone listen to Rasputina? The 'Mystikally Cellorific' trio?

[Album cover]

AND THEEEENNN...they in turn reminded me of an exhibition I went to at Shunt by Beatrice Pentney. She had this space set up like an old attic that only about 4 people could go into at a time; with flying dusty toy ships on strings over your head, opening and closing umbrellas, old frocks, rusty bits and bobs hanging everywhere, and the eerie sound of a tiring music box...which kinda TOTALLY reminded me of this Raputina song 'Gingerbread Coffin':

Okay many tangents did I go off on?


I am so excited about this set. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE , with a heart as bulbous as the handbag one featured below, to be wearing this right now other than an oversized Opeth tshirt, red socks from a Virgin Atlantic flight and blankets. *pout*


Wow. I'm so sick that I, the drunkard master, am contemplating not drinking my celebratory bottle of Blossom Hill white wine in salute to the end of a successful but trying 2nd year. One more to go towards poverty, tequila and dismay.

Managed a little sake and tiger beer with lunch at Wagamama's today with friends but I was really dead set on the evening's alcoholic proceedings. I think, as my career is soon about to start as a writer, I will make it a ritual to drink like...a bottle of Moet or something everytime I complete a piece. Awesome. Actually, according to one of the last lectures I had for the year I probably won't have near enough money to live in a cupboard (making £6000 a year haha). But if worse comes to worse, I can probably settle for Rubbing Alcohol , or Listerene...Nyquil...and all others mentioned there as my congratulatory refreshment.


It might be some sort of payback . The 29th of April...My ex-boyfriend's birthday; the one I didn't give up my virginity to, who was cheating on me, and two others, simultaneously, from the start, everything, and more. Have a Herpes Birthday, Cock Sucker! And no, I won't tell my British friends about your metal/punk band because THAT might give you a modicum of exposure.


Fuck it. I'm drinking that goddamned wine. No reason to feel well tomorrow as I'm now free for 5 months. And when I'm done feeling ill, I'll visit that moron in Trinidad this summer and whack him upside the head with his drumsticks. Fucker., I won't drink it. *sigh* I'll drug up tonight, get a coke from the vending machine and sausage roll myself into my blankets with the O.C. Season 4. It'll taste better over the weekend. Probably not.

THIS POST IS SO RANDOM....I'm considering deleting it.

OH YA! You guys should send me your prose and poetry and rants and letters and prayers and anything you've written. I just might decide to feature it on Fiction Friday! ( GO FOR IT! Nothing to lose.

Can't believe I just added that on the end of this random ass post...

Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Madonn's Vanity Fair pictures from 1986 (which is before I was born by the way) to 2008. It's amazing how many faces she has.


What the fuck do I do now? I feel like my University dropped me in a garbage disposal at aged 2. I am so bored. I'd kill for an essay to write.

Monday, 28 April 2008


FINALLY! I can daydream about Summer ALL. DAY. LONG without the impeding thoughts of deadlines, word counts, annotations and appendices. Finished all my work at 2am with a day to spare before hand-in. A bunch of us are going to Wagamama on Tuesday to celebrate. That's one of my ex's birthdays, which he just *nudged* me online to tell me (as if I didn't know. HELLO! FACEBOOK! Just...not caring). Also don't forget to head to a Ben & Jerry's near you for free ice cream.

I will be doing these Summer Segments for just about anything that keeps me in a flowery/summery mood and reminds me of such happy times. I just know how depressed I get sometimes for Summer, as it's such a long haul with many a stagnant day of nothingness. Don't get me wrong. As hard as I worked my culo these past weeks, sometimes, nothingness is a blessing. But I start to itch under the influence of too much non-productivity. And this year, especially since I have no travelling money, or money PERIOD, with practically 5 months off, I just might kill myself. Therefore, Summer Segments! This wishlist is brought to you by the fine folks at Forever 21.

[photo credit: Forever 21]

Sunday, 27 April 2008

se XX y

It just took me like an hour to load all of this week's photos on Facebook. Yeah, I saw all those bands in my essay week. BUT, even though I trudged home way after essay week curfew, with crippled feet from all the stomping, dodging and jumping in the mosh for Defenders of the Faith, I woke up this morning and worked for two hours on the last of my work due in Tuesday. Can I get a 'yay!'? I think so. Now I'm sick, and resting in bed in my new oversized Opeth t-shirt-cum-grungy dress. Wore it out today for 2pm breakfast at Troubabour, my new favourite hang. Will tell you more about that place some other time.

I'm sick because at the concert I got spit on by the performers, drenched in flying beer, and bottles of water that was sprayed into our mouths (and frequently hit our face instead) by the stage security. They were the nicest stage security I have EVER encountered.

I love how without fail, even though there were big-ass signs saying 'no crowd-surfing', like 5 kids rolled over my head and got caught by security(excluding the anorexic chick who fainted), and all just before and in the middle of the main acts, which I'm sure they waited just as long as we did in line to see. IDIOTS! The line circled the entire Carling Academy building. My friend Mathew and I thought, while we were in it 'Hmmm, I'm hungry, there's Nando's across the street. Maybe one of us can go in and grab something. Nah, it'll take too long and be too expensive.' Then, like 45 minutes later, security is collecting our tickets and we meet up with Nando's again. Anyway, the flu, the waiting, the hunger, getting crushed against the fence, ripping my stockings and the frizzy hair that was flat-ironed to perfection just last week, was all worth it. 'The Akerfeldt was sexy (AND FUNNY! WHO KNEW? MY KINDA BRUTAL SARCASM!) as always.

So, as you can also see from my past posts and from the gig pictures, I got to see HEARTSREVOLUTION perform after all, after missing them at their gig on Tuesday at Madame Jojo's because this happened. Naturally, it was fucking brilliant; a little too short, but brilliantly short.

But my favourite band that night at Moshi Moshi Night at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen (check that place out) were newcomers The XX. I can't stay away from their Myspace page. MY GOD. Have you ever been to a show and just wished the crowd would SHUT THE FUCK UP!? Well, this is the first time I wanted to dunk people's wine glasses on their indie-coiffed heads in defense of an opening act performing. They are just...fantastic. My new favourite song EVER right now is from them, it's called 'Teardrops' (see their Myspace page and prepare to melt away and be cradled in their vocals and bass). IT'S THE BASS, BABY! That bass player cuts so deep it actually hurts to hear him play. I actually cried that night upon hearing that song for the first time.

The lead singer, a docile half-asian lesbian with bleached skunk tracks through her chopped hair, had the most soothing voice that you almost couldn't hear. She was so shy I wanted to go up and touch her face and tell her it was okay to sing. It's funny, everytime I day-dreamt when I was younger that I would lead sing in a band, we always sounded like them; I sang like her.

HEY! Also listen to 'Stars'. Close your eyes and listen to the guy's voice, and the lyrics. If you want depression, they'll give it to you. The guy's voice is the bass player, and my new crush. Sometimes, in the flashes of the stage lights he looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I don't fancy Meyers much but I guess I would if he played bass and sang like that and wore that sweater that he did that night. I snapped a picture of him with my flash on, and as soon as I did that, his bass strap came undone. It was THE FUNNIEST thing! Okay, no. Actually I nearly got a heart attack. But he stooped and played on his knee while he fixed it. SAFE!

Anyway, listening to them is like...getting heart-broken by someone you're madly in love with and then you find some random person to talk to and next thing you know your lips are on theirs, but everything's happening really slowly, even the tiny saliva strings from your kisses are bursting slow, and you have hair in your face, and everything's blurry except for their face. That's what it's like okay....? So be careful lol.

Okay, on that note, I'm going to get some well-deserved rest and pray that my bread isn't mouldy yet so I can make cheese on toast for dinner because I'm too lazy to do pasta. Ciao!


James Yuill, The XX, Florence and the Machine, HEARTSREVOLUTION, 3 Inches of Blood and Devil Driver (both not pictured), Arch Enemy and Opeth