Saturday, 31 May 2008


Is someone living in your closet?
No really.
Go check.

Friday, 30 May 2008


A spy falls in love...
As often happens, Leone wrote this very quickly, on the edge of a deadline. The word count was 500, which felt very challenging. Draft 1 was over 2000 words, and that was all background. Second draft nailed it: 499. This story is based on a conversation Leone had with her mum one Christmas in New York. The story was published as part of a fold out ‘book map’ and sold at the Commonwealth Games in 2007.

So Leone is my lecturer. She's effing awesome. This piece is great. It was incorporated into our Reader for Writing Fiction 2 class. And now it is being incorporated into Fiction Friday. It's short so...READ!


An outfit apparently perfect fot getting ridonculously lost in Dubai.

Thursday, 29 May 2008


FWTT? Uhhh yes. My hometown Trinidad and Tobago launched its first ever annual Fashion Week a couple days ago (26th-31st May). I am still anxiously awaiting pictures from the event to share with you, so hold tight. I only found out about it because my friend just put up a shaky album on Facebook. So above is one of the few distinct shots she managed to get.

“Trinidad & Tobago has so much to offer outside of sun, sand and sea. It is our fashion, culture, music, and food that make us who we are. Our hope is that the established and up and coming fashion designers participating in this show will attract buyers and fashion media from around the world and generate buzz in the industry,” says Jason Baptiste, TDC marketing manager.
-Caribbean Net News

The other models are draped in the same ole same ole kaftan-esque/glamourous beachwear junk I have been seeing on Trinidadian catwalks from day one of my youth. I am looking for something a little more promising this year as I imagine they would take it up a notch for their debut Fashion Week. And I imagine my friend's pictures are only from one show fingers are still crossed, and crossed so tight they're chafing. So I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, in a fashion industry on the other side of the world...
VIVA MAGAZINE INTERNSHIP STARTS IN 2 DAYS! Not posting much today as I have been out since 7am getting lost in Dubai with a Filipina woman who was extremely late for a secretarial interview...which, when we later met up again (lost) and jumped on the same bus home, she told me she got the job. GOOD FOR HER! I, however, got nothing done in the space of 8 hours spent in the city, jumping on and off buses, making calls, asking directions, blistering my feet, nearly fainting from the heat and starving to save money to get home. So I STILL don't know how to get to the Viva Magazine office for my internship which starts Sunday (yes, Monday is Sunday in the U.A.E. and Thursday is Friday. Clear?) Anyway, so all in all, to ASSUME, is to make an ASS out of U and ME. And that is what I did. Will procrastinate again tomorrow. Ciao for now!
P.S. If you ever come to the U.A.E. for work, make sure you have a license and can rent a car, or buy one. The transportation system sucks! It's like a melee of hitch-hiking and Sunday morning fish markets.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


You've been deprived for several days. I've said it many a time. But that's because I actually itch when I'm behind on something really important to me (like my class summer reading), especially when people are depending on me. It seems some of you take a daily (or maybe weekly?) interest in what I have to say so...I've gone and gathered some web trinkets for your reading pleasure, also so I can get a good night's guilt-free sleep tonight.

Because I am currently traipsing the walk of shame for forgetting my mother's birthday, New York Magazine's guide to Last Minute Gifts

Wired gives us a taste of some of Japan's more interesting hotels: Fantasy Love Hotels. Bring on the kink!

The King of Bollywood (Amitabh Bachchan) has a blog!

AWESOME! Smart kitchenware for dumb people at bookofjoe. Pairs totally well with gradient fashion when warm. That's hot! introduces us to 8 child prodigies so amazing they'll ruin your day. I've actually followed one of them since I was about 10 or so, back when my violin was cheap, red, lacquered and Chinese.

Read like a man! The 100 books that made it into The Essential Man's Library at the Art of Manliness blog...*ziplocks lips*

Mad Style here, here, here, here, here, here, and here; courtesy The Commodified.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


ANDREW LEFT! He's off in Amsterdam now, on some relative's boat by day, partying in the unknown underground by night. Jealous with an exaggeratedly capital 'J'. ENJOY, MY PET!
Sneaky cow...


Finally. I'm home. Abu Dhabi. My friends back in Trinidad would wring my neck for saying that. Always a true trini, but with many a home elsewhere. I'm tired talking about the strenuous week I was under, packing and moving, so I won't apologise any further for my absence.

Nothing much is going on at the moment though. I went to Chili's rather reluctantly for lunch today with my brother and his girlfriend, (after consulting my I-Ching), which surprisingly turned out to be great fun, even though it took me 20 minutes to receive my guacamole for my shrimp quesadillas. And while poking at each other's chins coquettishly, my sibling and his other half argued over whether a diced vegetable on his plate was cucumber or zucchini. Apart from the girl's keen interest in green foods, she seemed rather caught up in every little bit of ramble I had to say; with eager nodding of her sweet little head and epileptic fits of laughter. And already, I have excited invitations to a club this weekend called Zenith ("just dress like a slut and you'll get in"), her birthday party and their prom.

"Your brother's friend Grahm can be your date. Do you have a dress?"
Honey, I ALWAYS have a dress. And no, 17 year old Grahm can't. Not happening. Zenith? I will consider. I am yet to be turned down by a bouncer.

She also cheerfully said she'd like to see me drunk, and has heard many a drunken tale of mine.
"Really," I muttered, un-impressed and eyeing my brother.

We were also with her older sister who was calling up friends complaining that she found a picture of herself clubbing on Facebook and that it needed to be ahhhh muslim life...

That's all the tales I have for today. I'm spending quality time with the old man; movie marathon with our respective laptops and dead silence, save for "pass the popcorn, please." I tell you, we are the exact same person, minus the nose hair and male parts. 'The Prestige' is next! Salaam!

Friday, 23 May 2008


OH MAN...3 days since my last post. Lonely Londoner packing is a biznitch! Apologies. But things will soon get very interesting around here as the internship approaches! Exactly one week from Sunday. I'm officially moving out of campus today (as in 20 minutes) and then flying out of here on Sunday afternoon. I have such a bad back right now. Never again. No no no no no.
ANYWAY, Without further ado...


P.S. The Bunny is a writer though, and a damn good bi-sexual one at that!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


So, last Fiction Friday, a restless, ugly, bitter, frustrated, depressed, confused, distressed, angered, weak, selfish, panicky Lonely Londoner sat in her white hot bathroom on the cold yellow tiles, took a sharpened pair of scissors and carefully cut a line into her right thigh. Yes, I am a fleeting cutter. Actually, this is the first time I've had the urge since 2006. So, the American X suggested getting back fully into my yoga and Buddhist practices, particularly the I-Ching or Book of Changes. Ever heard? Anyway, as all my belongings have taken up all my floor space what with all the packing and moving off of campus going on this week, and since the book was delivered to me bright and early this morning, (also since I'm constantly fascinated by prying into more corners of Asian culture) I went with the I-Ching. I'll tell you about it.
"The I-Ching takes a decidedly realistic view of the world. It doesn't mislead us into thinking that evil - in ourselves, in others, in the world at large- can be eliminated once and for all. It acknowledges that we all have in our characters both positive and negative elements, and it teaches us to be led by our superior qualities so that our thoughts and actions are free of inferior influences. It also teaches us how to respond to negative influences outside ourselves in order to avoid harm and maintain our well-being."

"The qualities that the Book of Changes counsels us to embody in our lives are modesty, awareness, acceptance, adaptability, compassion, restraint, innocence, perseverance, tolerance, reticence, devotion to inner truth, patience, openness, detachment, conscientiousness, balance and inner independence. The qualities that the I-Ching urges us to let go of are fear, anger, desire, arrogance, aggressiveness, anxiety, harshness, cunning, goal orientation and self-indulgence. At this point these are merely words. It is only when we begin to follow the guidance of the I-Ching that we begin to have an inkling of their true meaning."

So basically, after that, you shake three coins, heads have a value of 3, tails a value of 2. Add them up. For each number that is even draw a broken line, and for each number that is odd, draw an unbroken one; putting the number you got next to the line. You throw the coins 6 times. So you will have 6 broken or unbroken lines on a page, with the first line drawn starting at the bottom.

Then, there's this chart...So, basically lines 1-3 (the bottom three lines) make up the lower trigram, and 4-6 on top make up the upper trigram. And the number on the chart that lies at their intersection indicates which hexagram you threw, and which hexagrams you should turn to for advice for this particular session. There are a lot of twists, like, for the first hexagram you draw, you only read the advice from the lines that have "changed", meaning the ones that came up to a value of either 6 or 9 in the coins. And then, for the second hexagram, (which is based on the lines you get from inverting the "changed" lines, you only read the opening paragraph, as it is merely read 'to further illuminate the instruction of the first'.

So, you can turn to the I-Ching if you have a specific question in mind, or if you just feel troubled, or some people throw hexagrams every morning to direct the path of their day. Asian culture is ram-packed with superstition so...technically, this is like a more fun, advanced and interactive Hosroscope, and I tend not to like living my life based on what someone or something says it's going to be like. I'm more of a hippie, if you will. But, it seems I need to try some direction. I'm way too lost at this stage to do the whole 'go with the flow' thing. So, this is an experiment.
So, yes, some people let this be the breakfasts of their day and wholly live by it, but my hexagrams today, among other tidbits of advice, say I should know my limit and try not to strain myself, so I'm probably not going to stick to this/report to you everyday. Although if and when you get the book, your personal hexagrams will instruct you differently, I will try loosely (it's a lot of info.) to share with you what I received from time to time, because it's still great advice. But not today because 1) I'd like to explore the book further on my own and really understand my advice and, 2) this post is already too frickin' long.


My EXACT thought process can be bought for $32 at Blood is the New Black, canvassed on a pink Jesse Spears t-shirt. I should probably sue...


Ah, yes. Moving time. I've sent in my deposit return form, rung the Daddy about flight dates, rung the aunty about car hire, lugged the storage boxes down the street and settled into a precarious city of towering piles of my campus collectibles.

Still no sign of a future place to live though. And so it goes...But screw it. Home is calling me. Mother's cooked food is calling me. A bed twice this size with significantly cleaner sheets and more bounce is calling me. I can go on, but will desist in an attempt to ward off depression. The parental unit called, and I said get me outta here by Saturday!

But I wonder how many other students are packing and hitting the road like me...
three pairs are missing from this by the way.

Merely the scarf section of my accessories (the lightest section too)

I did all that folding two seconds ago through Sex and the City Season 2! TOO PROUD! Now to choose...what's going in the summer trunks and what stays in storage...

Good deed for the day: distributed all my magazines to the campus clinic, counselling suite and Queen Mary's Hospital across the road. Best reading material they would've had in their waiting areas for centuries! (Thanks for all the contraceptives and sexual health screenings! Yes, T.M.I. but is that not what this blog is all about?)

Half of my bag collection

Jewelry and hair accessories sorted nicely today!

Why do I have a decorating scheme in dorms?

ALSO, NOT SHOWN: Electronics, a significant chunk of the rest of my accessories, many many books (come on, Creative Writing major), noticeboard, a few handbags that can't be folded, a fedora that is bound to get smashed, an appalling amount of toiletries/pharmaceuticals, bedding and towels, my impressive sweater collection and kitchen utensils. Pretty stoked I'm not the rice cooker type and live out of a Che Guevara tea mug. Now all I need is a willing strapping young man to help a Lonely Londoner out! POO!

ANYWAY! After overdosing on Sex and the City Seasons 1 and 2 all weekend, I realised how fun, fabulous and frivolous life can be. That is why I have decided to have a Daphne Guinness-esque clearout sale when I head over to Trinidad this summer (OOH! AHH! Goodies from a 1st world country!) Sorry, a tad mean. But a girl could do with some cash, and I see a thick wad ahead of me. A detox is always good. Imagine the new and fabulous things I could buy next!

Sunday, 18 May 2008


...Let me have a love interest for my 20th birthday. A romantic nook atop my new favourite hang? Yes, please! This is the coolest place EVER(!) , which is why I may have to reconsider my heading to Japan for Seijin No Hi on my 20th. This way I'd actually have friends around and wouldn't be burning too big of a hole in my pocket.
I hang out at the Troubadour from time to time when I feel like a motivated bedhead sexy and chic writer...and when daddy's little girl's allowance rolls in at HSBC. A bit steep for a student, but I never act like one anyway (for example no. 2 on this list). I finished up the last of my essays there eating vegetarian breakfast at 2pm (serves 'til 3). After that, I just shifted into lunch time and ordered a dessert. Sipping my superb hot chocolate, I scanned the noticeboard and saw they offered a yoga class some mornings in their Gallery! Yes, they have an art gallery too; and a club GOD KNOWS WHERE, that's featured acts in the past such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix! One of my new faves The XX is playing there on June 20th...when I'll be interning in Dubai (mopes inappropriately since I'll be working for a major fashion magazine and have seen them perform twice, AND plan to see them on the 23rd).

Plus the interior of the place makes you feel so god-damn slick just to be sitting in there. It's like a vintage indie version of TGIF's decor what with the hanging trinkets all over the walls. Very a hangover den! ha! The windows are crowded with colourful rusty watering cans, and a pitchfork on the wall threatens to puncture some diner's head below. Awesome. And not that you'd need it once eating there, but there's a Starbucks five paces away. I love me my 'bucks...Perfect for the morning after though!..staying at their suite. OOOOHHH! SO EXCITED!

Anyway, I also decided when I come back from the break that I will just apply to do barwork there. They are constantly looking for people. And I think as a yoga buff, new art and music enthusiast, with a penchant for being surrounded by alcohol, and already having bartending experience, this is kind of effing perfect for me :)

P.S. Walkabout tonight!

Saturday, 17 May 2008


Trudging around London Bridge for roughly 7 hours on a photo safari in the wrong pair of shoes yesterday means not much happening today. It also means I can allow myself several hundred sinful Saturday calories (AH! Did you hear that Consonance? 'SSSSS' Lovely. I'm such a dork) Yes, it's an extremely taboo student weekend, but it's only 5 o'clock...


My friend comes up to me on Facebook and says he loves my blog and knows who Dita is. He actually posted a status about how over the flippin' moon he was about her touring soon in Canada and how SO THERE he will be. Well, hello? Comment much?


So, my friend started this quarterly magazine called The Dap. Just spreading the love:

Ok so its easy:

Step 1-Find a band/ album/ single/ live gig you really really liked or hated...

Step 2 -Write up to 200 words at the most all album/ single reviews
500 words for any band profile/ interviews and live gig event

Step 3-Email The Dap at:

If it doesn't get into the magazine , then we will try our best to put it on the website when thats fully up and running.


This is me and Graduation Doll Olive from Singapore experiencing our first episode of Gossip Girl on a Friday night. We just HAD to see what all the other fashionista bloggers were ranting and raving about:

"What did you think, Oli?"

"Um, ew. Not for us intellectual types, thanks. You're so gonna rape Hollywood in their butts when you make it big with your screenplays, babe. I wish Gossip Girl would shut the fuck up and let ME internalize what just happened. Her voice is way too smug too. Bitch. And if I were Blair, damn straight I'd be an evil bitch too. Why does the blonde have to be so 'yeah, I know. It's all in the past' about my man? Bitch, being drunk doesn't mean license for best friend to fuck boyfriend. AND THEEEN, that guy? Chuck? With the ever-ready boner? Acts and looks JUST LIKE your second to last ex-boyfriend. Nuh uh. Recipe for disaster."

"I concur. Let's go read some I-Ching."

Friday, 16 May 2008


Dear all who care,

I am sorry I am doing this again, as in featuring a piece by a major celebrity whose pen name is Dita (whom you guys have not even bothered to guess who it may be). But today just never ended. I left the house at some ungodly hour to meet my friend who came in from Trinidad this morning, as I mentioned previously. So I had to help him sort his shit out and then entertain him for a bit. Turns out he likes to wander around and take artistic photos for hours, and I wore EXACTLY the wrong pair of shoes. So now I shall remain crippled in bed for the rest of my Friday night.

But I DID run smack into major british designer Henry (motherfuckin' modest) Holland (yeah, he looked quite regular actually) at Victoria station on his way to Gatwick Airport. Yes, I ogled slightly unnaturally, but it got him to give me his attention for all of 5 seconds! Didn't take a picture. Too busy posing. Sorry. And yes, of course he wore Doc Martens.

FICTION FRIDAY! A letter this time. Look, I swear, I will make this writing corner more worthwhile as time passes (I'm not always THAT sleazy in my writing piece choices). It's just things are a little crazy around here as I'm flat-hunting and moving out of dorms and leaving for home and an internship in Dubai in a week. Yeah. So can I get some slack?


Sorry. No worthwhile posts today. Meltdown.

Thursday, 15 May 2008


Who the hell is that? Anyway. Basically, I have to have the tights featured in her Fall/Winter 2008 collection.
Or basically, I can just take a knife to my own regular pair. Yeah.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


1. EMAILSSSSS! I get the coolest emails nowadays. Well, not so much from letting agents. But Joe from bookofjoe totally thinks I'm a babe. He's sort of a blogosphere celebrity in my book. (thanks for the feature!). He gave me some blogger tips too:

"Dear Kara,
I'm so flattered about how you view me: for the longest time I've thought of myself as "a legend in my own mind."

Nothing you could do could annoy me: I mean, come on, you're smart + a babe, that's an irresistible combination in my book.

I wouldn't call myself a professional, in that I don't do it for money or anything, but I sure spend far more time and energy on bookofjoe than any other aspect of my life.

I got popular by doing a few simple but not as easy as they might seem things:
1) Posting regularly. Daily, without exception, no excuses. Even if it's only a word or a phrase or a sentence, your audience can be certain there'll always be something fresh on your site. The internet loathes stasis.

2) Being yourself. Kara Martin is a unique combination of experience and attitude: show them to us. The more your essence comes across, the closer the bond, albeit virtual, that extends between you and your audience.

3) Pick a good name for your blog. thelonelylondoner is superb, you're there already.

That's more than enough.

Keep on being Kara, I say.

Also, The Look magazine is putting on this uber event that I simply must attend. And The Lonely Londoner gets what she wants:

"Hi Kara,
We've reserved a ticket for you, just turn up and give your name to the person on the door.

Can you say 'baller'?

2. I won't be a lonely londoner for a few days because....FRIENDS ARE COMING! My honey Andrew from Trinidad and Tobago is coming up on Friday to begin his Eurotrip and we're going to do a little Caribbean damage about the town. We're actually both discussing how to get to the International Students House on messenger as I type this. Also where we're going to get drunk first, naturally. (FUN FACT: He was my high school prom date!...and he's going to absolutely hate me for digging this up)

3. Heinz 'Mac n Cheese' in a can is significantly more horrible than that prom photo.

4. My big floral hold-all from Gap is a lifesaver when you are trying to be eco-friendly and one of the plastic bags you HAD to take because you bought so much bursts on you on the sidewalk. Worthy of my shoulder all summer, no?
5. Because I have to be black at some point (sorry about my pigeon-holing, but I am such an Oreo, you would not believe), I confess, I cannot get enough of Snoop Dogg's semi-new song 'Sensual Seduction/Sexual Eruption(?).' I heard that out clubbing last night and it's amazing the things my body did in response on that dancefloor. The video is also LAUGH OUT LOUD ridonculous. Acutally, I LOVE everything Snoop does. Sometimes he even has better hair than me (CERTAINLY NOT in that video though) , but that's okay. 'Nuff respect'.


If you're gonna live it, you better love it. You should ideally be drunk 3/4 of the time to survive. Leaving this in roughly 10 days. Thought I'd reminisce. You will ABSOLUTELY NOT be missed.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Been a while, I know. Truth is, I have nothing to talk about really. I've been flat-hunting for September which is proving fruitless and it's too hot around here these days to do anything but lounge and gaze. So I've been lounging and gazing; with the occasional movie (watched a documentary on Metal, The Jane Austen Book Club and American Beauty) and the occasional book (am reading The Inheritance of Loss and The Snows of Kilimanjaro). There might have also been some absynthe, tequila with the worm at the bottom, menthol cigarettes, karaoke and regrets. Might have...

Ugh. I hate my life. Seriously.

Also, these shoes suck. They ate my feet off. FUCKERRSSS!!!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

IF YOU'RE A LONDONER... are not going to believe

a) How much I paid for these.
Then, knowing how much I paid, you should be able to guess
b) where I got them, and then
c) Hurry your ass down there!


dazed and confused says:
I'm going to peru in September

Kara-San says:
OMG. I've been longing to go there. I was actually planning a trip there this summer with friends, fell through.

dazed and confused says:
inca trail, jungle, roast gunea pig...the works

Kara-San says:
Wow...I'm gushing, that's too cool. You will keep me posted, won't you?

dazed and confused says:

Kara-san says:
as in gushing in the face...? it just means i'm very excited...expression-wise. Not....THAT...gushing.

dazed and confused says:
oh......must be dubai thing

Kara-san says:'s an english thing lol

dazed and confused says:
blimey..I've learnt somethig tonight. I shall use it at work

Kara-san says:
well...english as in...its an english word...not LONDONER english per say....i'm not really sure...i just...learnt it...from reading...

dazed and confused says:
that's what reading will do to kids never learn

Kara-san says:
Ahh, here it is....
with references to sexy women gushing on the right hand side HAHA

dazed and confused says:
Hmmm...female gushing mpegs.......I'll have to bookmark that

Saturday, 10 May 2008


Tonight I'd like to meet up with someone and have a really obscure conversation about everything. We'd sit on the edge of existence sipping from a bottle of liquor in a ridiculous paperbag. Does anyone want to do this? Message me.


11pm. PHEW! Nearly didn't make it. Long day of frolicking, lost track of time. Here it is though. Guess which mega-celebrity wrote this and more under the pen name Dita? Click to Enlarge. Then Enjoy.

Thursday, 8 May 2008




Ooohhh! It feels like Christmas. I was greeted with these this morning; some of my summer reading list and a gig ticket for tonight's show. I'm aiming for one book a week. But no pressure...

Okay. Back to watching 'The Joy Luck Club' and crying all over myself (I'm pretty sure I have to change my contraception). Then I'm going to cook pasta so I don't have a barf fest later what with all the boozing I am SO doing tonight. It's been a while.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


So, I'm going to see this fat ass and company perform tomorrow night at the Works for my friend Anant's birthday. I think I'm in for a killer night...except I'm still waiting on my ticket in the post...



Just got an email, Les Savy Fav have had to cancel cos they cant get work permits in time - should still be alright tho! 'We are the Physics' are still playing - and they're good! Also,because they've pulled out, it means tickets have gone down to £4, so we can claim £2 back on the door! nice!

(At least £2 means an extra pint! YARRRR!)


NEW STUMBLE-UPON! I'm kind of really obsessed with this accidental find of a website, Creatures of Comfort. I found it because I was hunting for LD Tuttle shoes and they were listed as retailers. Only thing is it's a little out of my price range and based in the US. Damn UK Debit Card. Will probably have to pick my essential favourites and ask the American X for a little help. Only problem is....this is the list...

Burfitt's 'Alexander McQueen-esque' pieces. Look familiar?

These ones remind me of the pair of shoes Charlotte Gainsbourg made in the movie 'The Science of Sleep' hehe. SO CUTE!:These are from my new favourite boot designer, who will be featured shortly, once their website stops 'taking the piss', LD Tuttle:

This vest is just kind of fucking phenomenal. Fits so perfectly:

Kinda bummed about this can opener necklace because I've been rocking it for YEARS with a regular coke can top, even in the shower. Doesn't rust and SURE AS HELL doesn't cost $197. Please don't buy this:
DIY, baby:My favourite item out of all would certainly have to be this Driftwood skull ring:Would go great with the LD Tuttle boots above for a very 'Pirates of the Caribbean' look hehe. And the Burfitt skirt with the ropes! YEAH!