Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Well, I wasn't as late as last time. Just 20 minutes. Making progress. Got off early today because of a power cut and am going in an hour and half later tomorrow morning because the rest of the team have something to attend to. Can I get a 'WOHOO!' for an hour's worth more of beauty sleep? I bought myself a scoop of mint chocolate chip for that small miracle.

May I just profess my love for tea? ESPECIALLY Vanilla Black Tea? Great smell, great taste, bigger shock to my system than coffee (and without even realising it too, what with all the heavy heart-beating I get from Starbucks), and good for slimming. 4 out of 4. I never noticed until now how bright and in tune with the world I am when under the influence. Good stuff. Think I might take a couple tea bags to work with me next time. And a box of Pop Pan Spring Onion Crackers! Pure, innocent indulgence. I've also become quite prone to snacking on almonds, and of course, as any desert going working gal should, copious amounts of water.

They say the sun, ram-packed with all its vitamin D is supposed to make you feel naturally energized, but in the desert, I beg to differ. It just drains me. 5 minutes walking to the bank a couple of buildings away and I want to bury myself alive in a sand pile. The next thing I will be investing in, sadly, won't be:




but rather a parasol and some major SPF something! It saddens me that I am officially 'The Baked One' at the office, while everyone else remains happily reddened in all the right places, with their rouged lips and cheeks. HMPH!

Anyway, I spent all of 5 and a half hours compiling an extensive calendar for the team to follow in upcoming months if ever searching for inspiration for a feature or photoshoot etc. I scoured the internet for music and film festivals, movie premieres, trade shows, fairs, galas, award ceremonies, cultural events across the globe, worldly observances, celebrations and more. I was surprised at how long it took to do that, and found myself at it all day. And I still never got to finishing by 4pm because of the power outage.

When electricity said its rude goodbye, and the girl in charge of a photoshoot going on at precisely that moment came back in grumbling and scowling about the studio's pitch black nothingness, we huddled in our corner enjoying the swivel of our swivelly chairs, and did a Post Mortem of the latest issue (June) which came out 2 days ago (Yeah, things run differently here). In case you didn't catch on, a Post Mortem is a review of the publication by the staff. I must say, they all had keen eyes, especially I, once I discovered that one of the pictures labelled 'Lindsay Lohan' did, in fact, look like her, but ABSOLUTELY WASN'T! And that made me realise two things; that I am a Pop Culture harlot, and that I would be a fabulous editor. Spelling Bee champion three times in a row, photographic memory, annoying as fuck conversationalist as I itchily interrupt my friend's every verbal wrong-doing, my sole problem in Creative Writing being that I can't keep my editing self out of the free writing process because scrappiness is UNCOOL! Yeah. It was really great to see that while I quietly shadowed the team, they were voicing my stifled opinions. They and I were thinking and scrutinizing alike.

The team at Viva really knows how to put together a comfy read of a magazine. I'm pleased with the June issue, especially because the black pouffy top with ruffles down the breast that I chose to wear today was emblazoned across one of its pages. GOOD CALL! Even if the Editor in Chief (who failed to notice) was wearing jeans. To my annoyance, the VIVA team tend to leave me standing alone and have completely ditched the officewear look in exchange for that of a day at the beach, wearing things like Bermuda shorts, thong sandals, halter tops, and over-the-bikini floral dresses. If I weren't so traditional, and hadn't spent money purchasing officewear specifically for this internship, then I would've said 'Fuck it' and rocked some tight ass skinny jeans, hot pink flip flops and a fierce t-shirt. *sigh* You can never win.

The Lonely Londoner

P.S. I had a picture or two for you of What I wore today on my camera but for some reason when I plug my camera into the computer today it's not registering it and I can't find it anywhere. So...maybe I'll add them another time. Curfew calls.

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