Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I can be so goddamned gullible sometimes. Jesus. I wrote about this a while ago, and how beautiful of a find it was for me, these 'lost' tribes. But turns out...Dumbass. But that doesn't bother me so much, as long as they're not a bunch of loin-clothed painted up Apocalypto people. They're real. And they're beautiful.

Also the other day I said I would show you that creepy bus stop guy's poetry website, so...this is it. Definitely not my cup of vanilla black tea. I'm more of a Ginsberg kinda gal. (Read 'Howl'!)

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slacker chic said...

I know! I showed the pic of that "lost tribe" to my husband last month and he was all "That is totally fake." And i was like NO!!! It's real!!! Needless to say the only thing lost now is my ability to trust. Thanks for making me sceptical Amazonian fakers!