Sunday, 27 January 2008


So yesterday, two of my best 'mates' and I decided to have a night out. We ended up on Putney High Street. All down the stretch was a mass of bobbing cowboy hats, not to mention Walkabout, the popular Australian Bar and Restaurant was packed to capacity, with a line of hopefuls waiting to get in at the door; everyone dressed in the native colours. We brushed it off as either some rugby/cricket/football/any other sporting option of your choice event that we clearly were under a rock about.

But the masses were really confusing me that night. We looked around us deciding on a place to dine and my eyes stopped on a suspicious character across the street playing a bagpipe. My friend said, in her best Pikey accent (she thinks she's Irish) "But the bagpipes are from Scotland, right?" I nodded quizzically. Then, I noticed a lot of the Aussie crowd was wearing yellow and green (I suppose like the colours of the uniform for their cricket team). I particularly remember this cute half asian chick in head to toe yellow and green knee socks, flats, mini skirt and beanie (with the stitching 'I Love Australia' and a quaint little ball on top). With all her green and yellow waving at me in the face, I INSTANTLY thought Brazilian food!

There is a quaint little Brazilian restuarant, which opened up last year, just a few buildings away from Walkabout. We went there for a massive brasilero buffet. The food tasted like a Sao Paoloan mother's lovingly home-cooked meal. SO glad I found that place. SO upset that I can't remember the name for you, but I assure you, it's the only Brazilian place on the high street. What I later realised about the place, however, that made me glum for a minor tenth of a second, was that I had been there before, with my ex-boyfriend on a date. It used to be Italian. I ordered a Copacabana and moved on.

P.S this is also such a shame, what with Aussie Heath Ledger's recent death and all :(

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