Friday, 25 January 2008


It's after 7am. I am all the way in Uxbridge at Brunel University visiting a dear friend who is worrying that she might've gotten a urinary tract infection from the flat's one toilet. THAT is why I have an ensuite dorm. But not a very clean one at that. I'm worried that today is the day the cleaner comes and she's going to see my room's filth. I'm currently still living out of two suitcases from my recent trips to Abu Dhabi and San Jose, CA. And truthfully, I will probably still be rummaging through them for a pair of pants come february. *sigh*

So three of us got drunk, after her smashingly good seafood pasta, off of some Budweisers and Southern Comfort with Orange Fanta. We talked about our exes' penises, the process of piercing the clitoris, watched her do a pathetic rendition of the Soulja Boy dance, and even (because we are SO modern) prank skype-called her friends. Without realising it, this night might've been my very first drunken Girl's Night In; seeing as the last time I had one of those I was about 11. Fun stuff.

She told me that when she went back home for Christmas vacation, she fell for her friend's brother...hard and didn't know what to do. They got to know each other pretty well, and before she left she arranged for him to receive a dozen red roses anonymously. He told his sister, who then forwarded the message to my friend, that he was stunned and flattered to receive them, and couldn't guess who might've sent them. The only thing was, the messenger came and delivered them to him at a scrapyard while a bunch of muscly hard-backed men watched on quietly bemused. hehe. Chivalry exists with women too.

P.S. did you guys hear about the man they 'supposedly' saw on Mars? Check out yahoo's main page today.

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