Thursday, 24 January 2008


It's just about 8am here in London. I was bored so I started answering one of those personal surveys on Facebook. They show some of the responses from others on the side while I type in my response. I thought I'd share some of the questions and answers I found:

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST TURN ON? Wouldn't you like to know (Jaime)

BIGGEST REGRET? Listening to my friends' promises to get me DVB sunglasses, and not buying them myself (Anton)

MY PLACE OR YOURS? Wherever there's tea (Claire)

LEAST FAVOURITE SONG IN THE WORLD? That one by the guy with the high voice that gives me seizures. I forget the name of the band but you know what I'm talking about. (Thomas)-- uhhh no?

AS PRESIDENT OF THE USA, WHAT WOULD BE THE FIRST 3 THINGS YOU WOULD ENACT? 1)Kick out all mexicans 2)kick out all mexicans 3) kick out all mexicans (Nick)-- for the record, I did not laugh at this and I did not make these up. I am simply the messenger


DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD? Who doesnt? (Felicia) --poor girl needs to get a rude awakening

IF YOU WERE GAY, WHO WOULD YOU HOOK UP WITH FIRST? Lindsay Lohan (Anton) --note the masculine name. Also, he clearly wants to contract something

HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR MEN? Just like I like my apple ibooks: thin, shiny and 12" (Annick) --love this!

SEX OR LOVEMAKING? Love making is soo last century! (Anton)

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