Thursday, 29 May 2008


FWTT? Uhhh yes. My hometown Trinidad and Tobago launched its first ever annual Fashion Week a couple days ago (26th-31st May). I am still anxiously awaiting pictures from the event to share with you, so hold tight. I only found out about it because my friend just put up a shaky album on Facebook. So above is one of the few distinct shots she managed to get.

“Trinidad & Tobago has so much to offer outside of sun, sand and sea. It is our fashion, culture, music, and food that make us who we are. Our hope is that the established and up and coming fashion designers participating in this show will attract buyers and fashion media from around the world and generate buzz in the industry,” says Jason Baptiste, TDC marketing manager.
-Caribbean Net News

The other models are draped in the same ole same ole kaftan-esque/glamourous beachwear junk I have been seeing on Trinidadian catwalks from day one of my youth. I am looking for something a little more promising this year as I imagine they would take it up a notch for their debut Fashion Week. And I imagine my friend's pictures are only from one show fingers are still crossed, and crossed so tight they're chafing. So I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, in a fashion industry on the other side of the world...
VIVA MAGAZINE INTERNSHIP STARTS IN 2 DAYS! Not posting much today as I have been out since 7am getting lost in Dubai with a Filipina woman who was extremely late for a secretarial interview...which, when we later met up again (lost) and jumped on the same bus home, she told me she got the job. GOOD FOR HER! I, however, got nothing done in the space of 8 hours spent in the city, jumping on and off buses, making calls, asking directions, blistering my feet, nearly fainting from the heat and starving to save money to get home. So I STILL don't know how to get to the Viva Magazine office for my internship which starts Sunday (yes, Monday is Sunday in the U.A.E. and Thursday is Friday. Clear?) Anyway, so all in all, to ASSUME, is to make an ASS out of U and ME. And that is what I did. Will procrastinate again tomorrow. Ciao for now!
P.S. If you ever come to the U.A.E. for work, make sure you have a license and can rent a car, or buy one. The transportation system sucks! It's like a melee of hitch-hiking and Sunday morning fish markets.

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