Sunday, 18 May 2008


...Let me have a love interest for my 20th birthday. A romantic nook atop my new favourite hang? Yes, please! This is the coolest place EVER(!) , which is why I may have to reconsider my heading to Japan for Seijin No Hi on my 20th. This way I'd actually have friends around and wouldn't be burning too big of a hole in my pocket.
I hang out at the Troubadour from time to time when I feel like a motivated bedhead sexy and chic writer...and when daddy's little girl's allowance rolls in at HSBC. A bit steep for a student, but I never act like one anyway (for example no. 2 on this list). I finished up the last of my essays there eating vegetarian breakfast at 2pm (serves 'til 3). After that, I just shifted into lunch time and ordered a dessert. Sipping my superb hot chocolate, I scanned the noticeboard and saw they offered a yoga class some mornings in their Gallery! Yes, they have an art gallery too; and a club GOD KNOWS WHERE, that's featured acts in the past such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix! One of my new faves The XX is playing there on June 20th...when I'll be interning in Dubai (mopes inappropriately since I'll be working for a major fashion magazine and have seen them perform twice, AND plan to see them on the 23rd).

Plus the interior of the place makes you feel so god-damn slick just to be sitting in there. It's like a vintage indie version of TGIF's decor what with the hanging trinkets all over the walls. Very a hangover den! ha! The windows are crowded with colourful rusty watering cans, and a pitchfork on the wall threatens to puncture some diner's head below. Awesome. And not that you'd need it once eating there, but there's a Starbucks five paces away. I love me my 'bucks...Perfect for the morning after though!..staying at their suite. OOOOHHH! SO EXCITED!

Anyway, I also decided when I come back from the break that I will just apply to do barwork there. They are constantly looking for people. And I think as a yoga buff, new art and music enthusiast, with a penchant for being surrounded by alcohol, and already having bartending experience, this is kind of effing perfect for me :)

P.S. Walkabout tonight!


Pete said...

I'll buy you a drink if you promise to dance in skimpy underwear for me.... just a thought.

Kerry said...

Hey LL,

Came to your blog from a myriad of other links. Weirdly I did a year of the Roehampton CW degree (Before switching to english lit) a few years back. Weirder still, when I was at Roe I did a trial shift at the Troubador - beware they are mean, mean bosses (which is why their always looking for people!)

Loving your blog and stories of Roehampton too! :)

thelonelylondoner said...

Pete: tsk tsk

Kerry: WELCOME! Glad ppl are likin' the blog. So how come you dropped CRW?
God...I bet they are meanies. That place is so highly respected and has been around for eons. I hate meanies...BUT! Never the less, I too will do a trial shift. If they boss the LL around, then they can suck it!

Pete said...

Suit yerself, I'll console myself with a cup of tea and some chocolate Hob-Nobs