Wednesday, 14 May 2008


1. EMAILSSSSS! I get the coolest emails nowadays. Well, not so much from letting agents. But Joe from bookofjoe totally thinks I'm a babe. He's sort of a blogosphere celebrity in my book. (thanks for the feature!). He gave me some blogger tips too:

"Dear Kara,
I'm so flattered about how you view me: for the longest time I've thought of myself as "a legend in my own mind."

Nothing you could do could annoy me: I mean, come on, you're smart + a babe, that's an irresistible combination in my book.

I wouldn't call myself a professional, in that I don't do it for money or anything, but I sure spend far more time and energy on bookofjoe than any other aspect of my life.

I got popular by doing a few simple but not as easy as they might seem things:
1) Posting regularly. Daily, without exception, no excuses. Even if it's only a word or a phrase or a sentence, your audience can be certain there'll always be something fresh on your site. The internet loathes stasis.

2) Being yourself. Kara Martin is a unique combination of experience and attitude: show them to us. The more your essence comes across, the closer the bond, albeit virtual, that extends between you and your audience.

3) Pick a good name for your blog. thelonelylondoner is superb, you're there already.

That's more than enough.

Keep on being Kara, I say.

Also, The Look magazine is putting on this uber event that I simply must attend. And The Lonely Londoner gets what she wants:

"Hi Kara,
We've reserved a ticket for you, just turn up and give your name to the person on the door.

Can you say 'baller'?

2. I won't be a lonely londoner for a few days because....FRIENDS ARE COMING! My honey Andrew from Trinidad and Tobago is coming up on Friday to begin his Eurotrip and we're going to do a little Caribbean damage about the town. We're actually both discussing how to get to the International Students House on messenger as I type this. Also where we're going to get drunk first, naturally. (FUN FACT: He was my high school prom date!...and he's going to absolutely hate me for digging this up)

3. Heinz 'Mac n Cheese' in a can is significantly more horrible than that prom photo.

4. My big floral hold-all from Gap is a lifesaver when you are trying to be eco-friendly and one of the plastic bags you HAD to take because you bought so much bursts on you on the sidewalk. Worthy of my shoulder all summer, no?
5. Because I have to be black at some point (sorry about my pigeon-holing, but I am such an Oreo, you would not believe), I confess, I cannot get enough of Snoop Dogg's semi-new song 'Sensual Seduction/Sexual Eruption(?).' I heard that out clubbing last night and it's amazing the things my body did in response on that dancefloor. The video is also LAUGH OUT LOUD ridonculous. Acutally, I LOVE everything Snoop does. Sometimes he even has better hair than me (CERTAINLY NOT in that video though) , but that's okay. 'Nuff respect'.

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The Look said...

That is such a great vid LL - love his sidies and silver suit...