Tuesday, 6 May 2008


1. SUMMER SEGMENTS! Or Spring rather. A natural wonder spread across the fields of Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu, Japan. Moss Phlox flowers.

2. I had a dream about it being really early morning. I was sleeping in my parent's bed but they were not around. My sister was making racket outside and knocking on my door and trying to get me to wake up and come out and go sailing with her. She wouldn't stop begging. I just ignored her. Eventually I got so fed up and wanted to get back to sleep so I flung the door open to yell and there was Ellen Page looking at me, smiling. She said it was her all along, and she really really really needed me to go with her because I knew how to handle the boat better and she was scared to go on her own. It was so early it was still dark out, and the waves would be major and thrashing and angry. So, because it was Ellen Page, my girl crush, I started getting dressed slowly. She told me that Diablo Cody(Juno screenwriter) always talked about me, my work, my writing, how great I was at my craft; and said she was always quoting me. And she was serious too. And that's why this was a dream. Anyway, it ends off, I think, with me saying 'Well tell Diablo I said I think she's fuckin' hot.'

3. I got a Facebook Friend Request from Sherel. Still not believing that she blocked me in the heat of fury. Anyway, there is no explanation for why we are now friends and talking again like...a month later. She just up and texted me one day while I was at a bus stop at 2am somewhere...and we've planned to meet up for drinks this week like nothing ever went down. Okay. I can dig it.

4. So I just spent roughly £6 on this Keracare foam wrap set formula to attempt wrapping my hair at night to keep it smooth and stuff instead of rowdy and chaotic when I wake but I have serious skills issues. How come all other black girls wrap their hair effortlessly as if they were born doing it save for me?! UGH I'm such a fuckin' Oreo! It's in a fuckin' ponytail for bed. FUCK THAT!

5. I can't believe how hot I am.

6. I went to the library at 9am for some reason today, to get out copies of 'A Moveable Feast' and 'The Lonely Londoners' but apparently, today was a bank holiday (so they were opening at 11am). So, I jumped on a happy sunny bus with happy sunny people to Marble Arch and went on a ridiculously fruitful Primark shopping spree, where I faced my fears and dug into size 8 pants (rather than my usual size 10) and I came out with the sexiest motherfuckin' pair of tight as lycra black skinny jeans. Jen from Gnarlitude ain't got nothin' on me in them jeans. SHIT. As soon as I came home I just HAD to set myself a task in them. So I braved the student-infested lawn and went to get a coke from the vending machine. This hot lounging blonde guy reacted instantly! ...Okay, but not to my jeans. He said, 'Wow, that girl's sunglasses are fucking epic.' That's okay though. I still took it and flipped my hair and ignored him and walked on in my metal band tshirt and SEXXXYYYY JEAANSSS (AHH!). But I really have to question his whereabouts over the past year, as my sunglasses were only the increasingly popular red wayfarers featured in my blog's header :s

7. I find it really difficult to produce a short story now that it is not required of me. But today, after my Primark haunt, I sat in Starbucks for roughly two hours and wrote several pages of any and everything for the first time since school got out. I'm really worried about this in the future though...It seems like story ideas have evaded me with the arrival of vacation.

8. Four words on film. The Science of Sleep. Rent it, buy it, burn it, steal it, just so long as you see it. Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg!!!
9. I have nuff love for my friend Damian. He messaged me to find out the dates I'll be in Trinidad this summer because he's having a major joint birthday party with his girlfriend and isn't holding it unless I am there. AND I'M SO THERE, BABE! And organizing the DJ it seems...And I'm thinking that I just might re-do my 19th with them too because I didn't get a fair shot this time around what with all my crying and depression over getting old. Yeah, I have incomprehensible issues and am probably making my entire reader population feel geriatric. Sorry.
10. There's something you should know. I own retainers. I make everything cool though so they are hot pink. My teeth are back to their old shifty ways so I am going to start back wearing them as much as possible this summer. I'm talking to myself to hear the slight lisp it creates when you are re-familiarizing yourself with them. I guess I'll have to remain speechless for a couple days.

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