Saturday, 17 May 2008


This is me and Graduation Doll Olive from Singapore experiencing our first episode of Gossip Girl on a Friday night. We just HAD to see what all the other fashionista bloggers were ranting and raving about:

"What did you think, Oli?"

"Um, ew. Not for us intellectual types, thanks. You're so gonna rape Hollywood in their butts when you make it big with your screenplays, babe. I wish Gossip Girl would shut the fuck up and let ME internalize what just happened. Her voice is way too smug too. Bitch. And if I were Blair, damn straight I'd be an evil bitch too. Why does the blonde have to be so 'yeah, I know. It's all in the past' about my man? Bitch, being drunk doesn't mean license for best friend to fuck boyfriend. AND THEEEN, that guy? Chuck? With the ever-ready boner? Acts and looks JUST LIKE your second to last ex-boyfriend. Nuh uh. Recipe for disaster."

"I concur. Let's go read some I-Ching."

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