Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Finally. I'm home. Abu Dhabi. My friends back in Trinidad would wring my neck for saying that. Always a true trini, but with many a home elsewhere. I'm tired talking about the strenuous week I was under, packing and moving, so I won't apologise any further for my absence.

Nothing much is going on at the moment though. I went to Chili's rather reluctantly for lunch today with my brother and his girlfriend, (after consulting my I-Ching), which surprisingly turned out to be great fun, even though it took me 20 minutes to receive my guacamole for my shrimp quesadillas. And while poking at each other's chins coquettishly, my sibling and his other half argued over whether a diced vegetable on his plate was cucumber or zucchini. Apart from the girl's keen interest in green foods, she seemed rather caught up in every little bit of ramble I had to say; with eager nodding of her sweet little head and epileptic fits of laughter. And already, I have excited invitations to a club this weekend called Zenith ("just dress like a slut and you'll get in"), her birthday party and their prom.

"Your brother's friend Grahm can be your date. Do you have a dress?"
Honey, I ALWAYS have a dress. And no, 17 year old Grahm can't. Not happening. Zenith? I will consider. I am yet to be turned down by a bouncer.

She also cheerfully said she'd like to see me drunk, and has heard many a drunken tale of mine.
"Really," I muttered, un-impressed and eyeing my brother.

We were also with her older sister who was calling up friends complaining that she found a picture of herself clubbing on Facebook and that it needed to be eradicated....fast. ahhhh muslim life...

That's all the tales I have for today. I'm spending quality time with the old man; movie marathon with our respective laptops and dead silence, save for "pass the popcorn, please." I tell you, we are the exact same person, minus the nose hair and male parts. 'The Prestige' is next! Salaam!

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motayam15 said...

Wait nah!! Your brother is dating a Muslim girl??? Details please! lol