Friday, 16 May 2008


Dear all who care,

I am sorry I am doing this again, as in featuring a piece by a major celebrity whose pen name is Dita (whom you guys have not even bothered to guess who it may be). But today just never ended. I left the house at some ungodly hour to meet my friend who came in from Trinidad this morning, as I mentioned previously. So I had to help him sort his shit out and then entertain him for a bit. Turns out he likes to wander around and take artistic photos for hours, and I wore EXACTLY the wrong pair of shoes. So now I shall remain crippled in bed for the rest of my Friday night.

But I DID run smack into major british designer Henry (motherfuckin' modest) Holland (yeah, he looked quite regular actually) at Victoria station on his way to Gatwick Airport. Yes, I ogled slightly unnaturally, but it got him to give me his attention for all of 5 seconds! Didn't take a picture. Too busy posing. Sorry. And yes, of course he wore Doc Martens.

FICTION FRIDAY! A letter this time. Look, I swear, I will make this writing corner more worthwhile as time passes (I'm not always THAT sleazy in my writing piece choices). It's just things are a little crazy around here as I'm flat-hunting and moving out of dorms and leaving for home and an internship in Dubai in a week. Yeah. So can I get some slack?

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