Monday, 5 May 2008


1.Everybody is Ugly.

2. There is Crime Scene tape draped all down my street. I swished under them while slurping loudly on my iced coffee.

3. Some things are just shit. And that's what Item of the Day and Japanese Phrase of the Day were. So they had to be chucked. And so they are.

4. Getting my hair dyed black actually did not make me feel new and dark and happy like it usually does. It actually makes me look and feel dull, bland, boring, sad, droopy and dark dark brown.

5. I just looked up the word 'commandment'.

6. It took me 6 hours to reach the 52 minute mark of 'Interview with the Vampire' last night/this morning.

7. I am about to attempt minute 53.

8. I wanted to go to Camden Market today. Wanted to. I hate 'wanted to'.

9. I should be at Walkabout in Shepherd's Bush right now, but I am yawning.

10. Finally. I am yawning.

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