Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Just finished 'The Science of Sleep' and wish I hadn't. I am so lame that I didn't realise the director, Michel Gondry, was my God, having done 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', a plethora of Bjork videos and well, 'Be Kind Rewind' (which was actually really awesome and made me cry!). Scroll down here to check out this disease he's got called Impressivitis. I am so stoked for the arrival of his films 'Tôkyô!', 'Migel Munya' and 'Master of Space and Time', and have kind of decided to study the guy. And OMG his birthday is fuckin' Thursday (May 8th). Have some Gondry Goodness:

'The Work of Michel Gondry' Trailer:

Short Film 'La Lettre':

Levi's ad:

Experiments with Bjork:

Gondry solves a Rubiks Cube:

HAHA This White Stripes video is too funny:

Short Film 'One Day':

Let Forever Be- The Chemical Brothers:

Crash Course in Guerilla film-making:

Short Film 'Tiny' (lol experimentally cute):

'Declare Independence'-Bjork:

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