Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Ah, yes. Moving time. I've sent in my deposit return form, rung the Daddy about flight dates, rung the aunty about car hire, lugged the storage boxes down the street and settled into a precarious city of towering piles of my campus collectibles.

Still no sign of a future place to live though. And so it goes...But screw it. Home is calling me. Mother's cooked food is calling me. A bed twice this size with significantly cleaner sheets and more bounce is calling me. I can go on, but will desist in an attempt to ward off depression. The parental unit called, and I said get me outta here by Saturday!

But I wonder how many other students are packing and hitting the road like me...
three pairs are missing from this by the way.

Merely the scarf section of my accessories (the lightest section too)

I did all that folding two seconds ago through Sex and the City Season 2! TOO PROUD! Now to choose...what's going in the summer trunks and what stays in storage...

Good deed for the day: distributed all my magazines to the campus clinic, counselling suite and Queen Mary's Hospital across the road. Best reading material they would've had in their waiting areas for centuries! (Thanks for all the contraceptives and sexual health screenings! Yes, T.M.I. but is that not what this blog is all about?)

Half of my bag collection

Jewelry and hair accessories sorted nicely today!

Why do I have a decorating scheme in dorms?

ALSO, NOT SHOWN: Electronics, a significant chunk of the rest of my accessories, many many books (come on, Creative Writing major), noticeboard, a few handbags that can't be folded, a fedora that is bound to get smashed, an appalling amount of toiletries/pharmaceuticals, bedding and towels, my impressive sweater collection and kitchen utensils. Pretty stoked I'm not the rice cooker type and live out of a Che Guevara tea mug. Now all I need is a willing strapping young man to help a Lonely Londoner out! POO!

ANYWAY! After overdosing on Sex and the City Seasons 1 and 2 all weekend, I realised how fun, fabulous and frivolous life can be. That is why I have decided to have a Daphne Guinness-esque clearout sale when I head over to Trinidad this summer (OOH! AHH! Goodies from a 1st world country!) Sorry, a tad mean. But a girl could do with some cash, and I see a thick wad ahead of me. A detox is always good. Imagine the new and fabulous things I could buy next!

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