Friday, 2 May 2008


Wow, it just came...I pretty much started the year yesterday. Ao anyway, this means new Book of the Month. Honestly, all I've managed to read is a buncha Kureishi novels (you know how wild I am about him) and I have already featured two of his books. The other books I feverishly read recently were for my course, and I sort of never want to see those books ever again (well, at least for 5 months). Have no fear though, one of the classes I chose for third year (Developing the Novel (GOD HELP ME)) requires that I read at least 10 novels this summer so I'll deliver splendidly in the next few months. For now, have this one:It's called Tracks. I had to read it for last semester's Travel Writing class, but it's not what you think. It's about clearly THE MOST badass woman that ever lived- Robyn Davidson; a psycho city lady who decides to go to Alice Springs, a desert town in Australia, and learn to raise wild camels so she can cross the desert with her own herd. You know those crazy white women, ALWAYS getting some sort of outlandish Calling. Actually, she had me conspiring all kinds of things after I read this (twice), for an essay (that I got an upper 2nd on thank you very much!).

She's sort of the reason I was packed and ready to go to Egypt in January and stay at a hostel in Cairo by myself for a week until my parents caught me. I was going to ride a camel. Next time.
Actually, it is REQUIRED that all demotivated women read this book at some point in their lives. I'm pretty sure I cried, but since I've been doing that tenfold lately, I'm beginning to wonder if it's my contraceptives.

LOVE THIS PHOTO! She was pretty hot too. Oh, for all those lovey dovey types, there's a tough girl love story in here too. It was very sweet. I will HAVE to gather some epic quotes from this book but not right now, as the day's a-wasting, it's sunny out and I need nourishment. READ IT!!!

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