Tuesday, 26 February 2008


1. Uncle Ben's is doing Risotto in a bag, y'all! And it tastes great! Uncle Ben is really saving students, man. The rice in a microwaveable bag thing is totally boss. You guys go ahead and lug your grandma's rice cookers along with you for college orientation. Not me, thanks.

2. Went to Sainsbury's today and while unloading and stuffing my one shelf in the fridge and having my flatmates go 'you eat that?', I realised how un-collegiate and chic my food buys make me look. Here is my shopping list:

Smoked Scottish Salmon
Red Wine
Green Seedless Grapes
Grated Mozarella and Cheddar Cheese
Grapefruit Juice
Lemon, Ginger and Honey Juice (experiment. Is this good?)
Brown Sugar
Green Tea
Whole Grain Tortillas
Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
Uncle Ben's Risotto(not so chic but no one has to know it's origin, which then makes it chic!)
Gü Brownies (Have you ever had anything by Gü? FREAKISHLY AMAZING!)

3. Somestimes it's fun to wear heels and dress up a little just to do groceries a bus ride away. Cars stop for you in free-flowing traffic. Damsel in Distress! It reminds me of THE coolest line in Steve Buscemi's latest movie 'Interview', which he wrote the script for too:

Katya: Do you like fishnet stockings, Pierre? Wait. Let me rephrase. Why do you think it is that men like fishnet stockings so much?
Pierre Peders: They look good on women.
Katya: Fishnet stockings are a net, and the woman is imprisoned in this net like a fish. Do you get it?
Pierre Peders: Yeah, and what about high heels?
Katya: Well, high heels make walking very, very difficult. So you see, nothing would be more attractive to a man than a woman wearing fishnet stockings and high heels because she has trouble walking and she's imprisoned within this net and therefore he thinks she's easy prey. I know everything.

4. IT KILLS ME how spot on Trendinista always is. She's great. This. Is a cigarette case. I don't know about you, but it makes me want to die of severe Lung Cancer.

5. These headphones take the cake compared to the ones I rustled up. GREAT colours. Stolen from The Cobra Snake. I'm so lame. (I don't think you can be snapped on that website if you don't smoke cigarettes or own a pair of geeky glasses. I love watching those people but do they have missions in life? They're always having fun! *pout*)

6. I'm sick. On the one day I have classes this week. And am P.O'd that my Writing Fiction lecturer is once again flaking on me for my one-on-one tutorial. I understand that people get sick because...I just SAID I'm sick lol but my short stories need guidance. Help a lead character out!

7. I gave my room a thorough scrape out. HEY! I actually did a Spring Cleaning in time for Spring. Never did that before. Anyways, the reason I decided to turn up the Trance music and tackle my room today is because I did a swamp load of laundry and coming back to my room, resting my happy face on my warm scented hippie blanket, I was faced with the realization that I had too much clothes for an international student. I REALLY SHOULDN'T BE A STUDENT, GEEZ! IT'S DAWNING ON ME! So I started sifting the Charity shop give-aways from the dump-me-already's, then reasoned that I would have more space if I actually FOLDED the remainder of the good stuff; which I was right!

8. Things I found while cleaning:

an over-the-top Afro for a 70's/80's party I didn't go to

my pale pink bob wig a la Natalie Portman in Closer that I wore with other slutty stuff because I was some fetish fantasy for a Halloween party, and made my pinoy boytoy ex a meek and mild Heroes geek, and dragged him around on a leash

About a dozen tubs of old hair products

My Hello Kitty! adult crayon set

Enough Emirates money to buy myself something new at Forever 21 when I head back to the U.A.E.

A short pleated red skirt I wore to a 'Hired Help' party as a Prostitute (I had a condom and a wad of cash in my bustiered cleavage and everything!)

Some great handed down vintage jewelry

9. I DID NOT use any plastic bags while shopping today because over-sized handbags work just as well, AND BETTER! Say yes to big bags and make the world a greener place!

10. I might be bi.

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