Saturday, 12 April 2008


Oh my. How much sweeter can the world get? A website devoted to photographs from around the world, by contributing photographers, of the ones they love, their better halves. I think you can submit your own work if you email the owners your shit and they like it. IT'S SO CUTE! *sigh*

I'm all sap crappy this weekend.
Lots of complicated ex-boyfness and Hanif Kureishi literature. AND MY FRIENDS GOT ENGAGED IN HONG KONG!

PLUS I found out it's true that when one door closes, a window opens (or whatever that rank cliché is). I came back from Dubai and found out my friend sold my two Bjork tickets (probably to a much higher bidder) for the show on Monday and I was really down about that. BUT THEN I met up with a friend Mathew who came down from Nottingham for a bit and he told me about the Defenders of the Faith Tour. TWO of my all time favourite metal bands (along with two insignificant others) are playing: Opeth and Arch Enemy! That means I am going to see 'The Akerfeldt' in all his long-haired droopy-eyed sex appeal, AND a hot Swedish chick growl at me! OW! The show's on the 26th. Plus the tickets were significantly cheaper. I love that everyone in London hates metal. £18.50 for 4 bands, 2 weeks before the show? That's the kind of math I like best.

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