Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I.AM.SUCH.AN.UBER.KLUTZ! see Heartsrevolution and there was Lo, sitting in a floor corner on her laptop, basking in her rave pink glow. And there was I, sort of peeing my pants (she's so preettttyyy). And there was the sequined loudspeaker. uh huh. Firece. After a couple beers and vodka and redbull I whine to my cousin Becks about coming with me to meet her. So we go. And we took a picture, which came out like so...
AND THEN I was like, "So, what time are you guys going on?"
Lo looks at me all forlorn (which, by the way, means 'expressive of hopelessness- thought you oughta know and would find that funny), and she goes, "We already did..."
I thought nothing gets going 'til after 10pm in this country?! Fucking gutted, I tell you. But she said she would put me and my cousin Becks on the guestlist for Moshi Moshi Night on Thursday (their last UK gig for now so don't screw it up!)
"Yeah, just message me on MySpace and I'll put you on the list."
Yeah. Didn't have a Myspace. But NOW I do. That's all I'm sayin'.
So Lo, if you read this, above are my yellow shoes in greeting that you said you liked (£12 from Peacocks), welcome to my blog and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT ME AND BECKS ON THE GUESTLIST. WE LOVE YOU!
The evening was still salvaged though. I realised I have severe musical feelings for the last band of the night (and the only one I saw *fuckin uberklutz...*) Slagsmalsklubben. Yeah, that's Swedish for Fucking Awesome. Not really. But please check them out. LOL That lead singer was so drunk that he could barely string together a sentence in his own native tongue, and, might I add, put up three fingers to say they were playing one of their songs for the 4th time ever. Salvaged only by the fact that he dragged a 4th finger up a few seconds later. Anyway, I can't believe how much raw energy one can exude from pressing a bunch of nobs. Fuck rock guitarists. This is the new sexy.
AND WELL, these guys were just amusing after one too many vodka and redbulls. I think the girl was trying to tell us all night that she was majoring in Ballet. And the guy looked scarily like Naveen Andrews dressed as Pinnochio. Anyway, I SO have an important lecture right now. TOODLES!


Mz Fi said...

Dayum! That's kerazy, everyone knows post-10pm is where (or rather when) it's at. she obviously hasn't honed her diva skilz yet, you're supposed to turn up on stage at least an hour late...

thelonelylondoner said...

lol ya. i'm going to their show tonight too tho and theyre performing at 9pm