Monday, 28 April 2008


FINALLY! I can daydream about Summer ALL. DAY. LONG without the impeding thoughts of deadlines, word counts, annotations and appendices. Finished all my work at 2am with a day to spare before hand-in. A bunch of us are going to Wagamama on Tuesday to celebrate. That's one of my ex's birthdays, which he just *nudged* me online to tell me (as if I didn't know. HELLO! FACEBOOK! Just...not caring). Also don't forget to head to a Ben & Jerry's near you for free ice cream.

I will be doing these Summer Segments for just about anything that keeps me in a flowery/summery mood and reminds me of such happy times. I just know how depressed I get sometimes for Summer, as it's such a long haul with many a stagnant day of nothingness. Don't get me wrong. As hard as I worked my culo these past weeks, sometimes, nothingness is a blessing. But I start to itch under the influence of too much non-productivity. And this year, especially since I have no travelling money, or money PERIOD, with practically 5 months off, I just might kill myself. Therefore, Summer Segments! This wishlist is brought to you by the fine folks at Forever 21.

[photo credit: Forever 21]

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