Saturday, 5 April 2008


Now that I'm back in London, reality has come a-slappin'. I've got Vogue and Harper's Bazaar competition deadlines to meet, not to mention 6,000 words of prose for my portfolio due at the end of the month, as well as three essays. I've got to talk to estate agents from now to secure a flat to reside in for my third and final year in September, since I won't be around all summer to organize that, and THEN I've got to pack my entire life up and ship it over to my aunt's place in Wimbledon so I can leave the country by early May for my internship in Dubai. Then summer and the beginning of my novel ensues. To top it all off I'm an alcoholic perfectionist. So, when I am doing something more interesting other than drinking, writing, writing, reading, quoting, writing, not eating, arguing, ranting, writing, drinking, drinking and sleeping, I'll get back to you. I'M SORRY and I LOVE YOU!

P.S. Read the other blogs on my blogroll in the meantime. Trust me, they're even better than this dirt. And before I go, since the Middle East banned my viewing of The Cobra Snake for three weeks, I've been catching up and wanna post some pics in a new post from o'er there for you.

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