Sunday, 20 April 2008


Hey guys...ummm, sorry about the last post. I'm dealing with it accordingly (crying, drinking Budweiser, having All Day Breakfasts at Troubadour in Fulham, calling my mom, umm cancelling on people, sleeping and living in the O.C. via my DVD collection). I don't have TV in dorms and for some reason you have to have a TV License first so...I've just been regurgitating the O.C. and My So Called Life and movies.

I'm in some kind of hellish persistent nightmare which I am currently taking a well-deserved break from: word CoUNTS, quotations, bibliographies, citations, DEADlines, gRAMmar, editorial ANALysis. Ever been there before? I'm also not feeling very well. *POO!*
I also spent a moment slamming my head into the wall because I announced the launch of Fiction Friday earlier this week and failed to produce my first piece yesterday. GGRRR! I just can't right now okay? I think you understand. So let's just...postpone that until next friday.

Yuh know what's so weird? Watching the O.C. Season Three for the second time I'm realising how much of a nagging, whining little BITCH Marissa is. She bores me to tears. TEARS! That's her entire role throughout the O.C. 'Show us some tears!' And she couldn't even get that right. There. I said it. She and suicidal surfer boy would've made the perfect pathetic pity couple. They could've swam into the ocean and drowned together. Hated him; especially how he talked from the side of his crooked mouth.

And Puppy Eyes Ryan? He is no one to me anymore but someone who looks just like my friend back in T'dad.

Yeah, Summer and Noodly arms Seth were cute and all...

BUT THE BITCHES! I love the bitches. Julie Cooper...Volchok....Volchok *giggles* Seriously Volchok and Marissa should've stayed together. They were my favourite. Their sex was bordering on tantric. HOT! I love the oddly placed ear piecing (considering...) and his shitty arm tattoo is real. I TOTALLY ABHOR THE PRETTY BOY STANCE, and clearly that's what he is. I mean, exhibit A:But I have a soft spot for him. it isn't enough already that I have a shameless addiction to the O.C., I have to go like a guy like this. Instead of keying Ryan's car with the words 'Lil Bitch' he should've carved that into Marissa's back while they were clawing away in bed.

AND LASTLY, MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE TV CHARACTER (SERIOUSLY) TAYLOR TOWNSEND! It's like...the writers took it up a notch with her and her dialogue. She was superbly funny...superbly mind-fucked and demanding with those crazy piercing eyes with the perfectly applied eyeliner (jealous!). And people might hate me for saying so (or might not even give a shit) but I'm SO glad she and Ryan got together. Perfect. All was well with the O.C. Let Marissa die. I'm game. Weren't Ryan's 80's Rock music video visions of Taylor THE FUNNIEST THING in all of Season 4?!? "Are you dirty Ryan?"

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