Friday, 11 April 2008


Um. My cousin just called me from Trinidad and told me that my friend's mother just died. She committed suicide. She used to work in real eastate with my mother as well, so, I in turn called up my mother in Dubai and told her.

It was absolutely tragic how it happened. Apparently, she planned to drive herself off a cliff near Las Cuevas; a beach in Trinidad. When her car got stuck and she failed at that, she walked up to a higher point and threw herself off. She failed at this too and was left severely injured. Some people in the area found her and tried to save her but she pleaded with them to leave her alone. I'm not sure what they did (I'm assuming they ignored her requests and helped anyway) but she still died in the end, because she had taken some sort of weedicide earlier as well.

What do you say to this?
I am no longer in contact with her children but I know some friends who are, and if they happen to come across this, my deepest condolences.

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