Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Yeah, yeah, fuck the hiatus. I'm gonna have to be in and out of the blogosphere for a bit if things like this keep popping up. I guess it's normal, as a non-citizen that I have never heard of the Miss England competition (Is it to later compete in Miss World or Miss Universe?). Celebslam's got it covered though. Tons of vile pictures of the girls traipsing around the King's Road on April 4th. I should really not judge though because this is a bevy of hella confident women, braving the cold and the bodily criticism (I'm sure they got) like that. I know I couldn't do it, the tragically insecure person that I am. Kudos to Miss Surrey for competing. She's probably my favourite there. AND SURREY IS WHERE MY UNIVERSITY IS LOCATED! YAY! Before it was called Roehampton, it was actually called University of Surrey. But I'm confused. I see there's a Miss Roe Hampton in there. Is that the same place? I looked it up and the answer is, yes. Couldn't fucking spell it right, now could you? Whatevs. This competition blows.

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