Tuesday, 22 April 2008


UMMM! The entire May issue of i-D is devoted to Agyness Deyn; from her iconic bleached cut (which she confesses falls out in clumps from dying it every 6 weeks. I know all about this) down to her neatly waxed pubes. I shit you not. She bares all her bones across the pages, including her pierced nipple. Who knew?

They talk about her worldly haunts, people talk about her uber-ness, Henry Holland actually writes her a cute ode and they reveal her favourite poem, which will be the first piece of creative work I add to my debut of Fiction Friday this week.

She's the only model in it and they interview her like...five times lol but it's all fresh and new and Agyness! And there's a rejection letter from the Queen in it addressed to Agyness, who requested an interview with her because Agyness worships her and wanted to discuss how great Britian is to them *gags*



slacker chic said...

on one hand i'm like "A whole issue dedicated to one model is crazy! I mean they don't even get all up in the Dali Lama's biz like that and isn't it going to lead her to have the biggest head in the world like Ms. Moss and where do you even go from everyone being THAT obsessed with you?!?" on the other hand, when i look at her, she IS old school. like Naomi and Christy and Linda, you know? Like when they were on the cover of the mags and the ones we looked to for fashion inspiration bc they were inspiring. She is so old school yet so fresh! Anyway! I am so torn! All over one model! Crazy.

thelonelylondoner said...

i'm not really into all the hype of agyness but i think she's got a great look and i really enjoyed reading the entire issue even if it was her on tedious repeat.