Tuesday, 11 March 2008


I was happy sleeping just now until my mind hovered over my blog for a split second and I just HAD to get up and write something because it's TUESDAY(!) already and I haven't posted anything since SATURDAY! Face it. Sometimes The Lonely Londoner can actually have things to do other than post fashion pictures taken in her white hot bathroom. And this week is going to be a crazy one.

1. I haven't posted much over the weekend because I have been undergoing the long, gruelling process of getting rid of my extensions the cheap way; doing it myself. I'm gonna get arthritis from all the unbraiding. Sometimes thick hair isn't such a blessing. Just know that. I have an Amazonian jungle on my head as we speak which needs to take itself down to The Ginger Group (my stylists) and get itself STRAIGHTENED out. Here's a shot of me just before starting but just after cutting off the excess. I look like a little Jamaican Rastafarian kid.

I'm swooning and falling over to die. Hanif Kureishi has been featured in the April issue of Vogue!Sorry, you're the only one I know who would understand lol.

Ah, chile, you DO make me laugh.You HAVE read the rest of his stuff, right??If not, do so immediately.


I finished Midnight All Day in one day the other day and am thinking I'll finish Love in a Blue Time tonight. So good. I have a crush on him.


good taste!


YA SO, I am lovin' the fuck out of what I see in April UK Vogue; save for the Victoria Beckham cover. It IS packed to capacity with superb fashion and for the first time in Vogue Issues this year, I actually want and will wear everything in there. But I'll get to the fashion another time. I gotta post the essentials and stop because the spacing and paragraphing on blogger is severely ticking me off and I can't stay too much longr on here. Anyways, YES! Hanif Kureishi whose name stands repetitive on my blog, as he is my current favourite author, is featured in it. He is so much older and not what I expected, compared to the pictures on his novels, which is understandable, but his portrait in the magazine looks as if he is just about to hoist himself from his chair and give someone a beatdown. His face isn't very reassuring. But I still love him. Here. Have some stuff I just found about him thanks to Vogue:

a) Every Friday morning he meets at a cafe near the Portobello Road with director Stephen Frears for a chat. (which is basically important, because, my life as a stalker starts now...)

b) He wrote the screenplay for Venus, that british movie with Peter O'Toole that came out last year about a pair of veteran actors whose lives get turned upside down after meeting a brash teenager. However, if you were to ask Hanif what it was about he would say, "It's about two old bastards and a slag."

c) He lives in Hammersmith and has a mice problem.

d) He left his wife Tracey Scoffield for another woman, whom he was having an affair with, Monique Proudlove, and has sons from them with the most adorable names! Yes, I just said he's a bastard but get over it. His short stories are usually about affairs and split marriages and other bastards, but maybe he just really wasn't happy, and love does not cease to exist after one love fails, right? At least he still acknowledges that he has three kids. Okay, back to the names: Kier, Sachin and Carlo.

e) He's actually lived the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll life. I figured, because it is a lifestyle so commonly portrayed in his books. "I used to love taking drugs and having lots of sex with lots of different people, but now I realise that this isn't the best solution (LOL). We need a system of prohibition and law to make transgression pleasurable and to stop one disappearing down a plughole of one's inner soul."

f) This now 54 year old writer has managed to seduce me to BITS through his writing. There. I said it. What is it with me and old people lately?

3. I AM OFFICIALLY SEEING BJORK IN APRIL! SO sorry to hear about that whole debacle on China, really am. NOT! BUT she's coming to Hammersmith, and I'm there (after having a quick peep around the neighbourhood for Mr. Kureishi). Remember I was busy last weekend trying to find tickets for me and my cousin Becks the Barmaid for her 20th Birthday, which was March 2nd, and failed. Well, when we all sat down to dinner at the Simply Indian Restaurant (so good, so tiny), the sister of one of our friends, who joined us later, with her boyfriend, was offering up two tickets to Bjork because she had a conference in San Francisco clashing with it and her boyfriend didn't want to go with anyone else (AWW). And they actually didn't take the piss and sold it to us for 45 each. The tickets online now are over the top, at 100 or more. We needed one more ticket for a friend after that but she managed to find one on Ebay for 70. I wouldn't have paid that but glad she's the spending type and is coming along, because this is going to be beyond spectacular. ................................................................SHIT! WHAT do you wear to a concert like that? P.S. Download 'Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco Twelve Inch Remix)

4. It only occurred to me that from May I will be stationed in the Middle East, and then the Caribbean and my blog is called The Lonely Londoner. That's okay, right? I'm from different places but the main focus has been life in London thusfar and how I have been coping, as an international student. I am only thinking of this now because my daddy, the pilot, just sent me my eticket to go home for Spring Break! Yay! I decided to go home for the break because I was not able to find a job and London has just not been treating me dearly as of late. Well, shit happens...at the same time. I got emailed the ticket last night and this morning I received this email from a super trendy club in Shoreditch.

Please call (number removed) – leave a message – to arrange an interview/chat.
GM East Village

YUP, I applied for part time barwork there, and out of all the bar jobs I applied for TWO WEEKS AGO(WHY YOU GOTTA GET BACK TO ME NOW, HUH?!) I wanted this one the most. So anyway, live and let die. I am getting on that plane come Sunday and not looking back. What's so funny is that I ALWAYS wanna go home so badly, but end up having such a shit time with my dysfunctional family that after a week out there I am demanding to get an earlier flight back, or somewhere else. For Christmas, I left on the 27th and went to San Francisco. And the Christmas the year before that, I actually passed on going travelling back home with the fam to Trinidad to be back in London by myself. Well, not by myself actually. I realised I had fallen in love with an exchange student who was going back home in January lol. THEY DON'T NEED TO KNOW THAT! But, it was worth it, going back home. Said exchange student and I got together shortly after he left and spent 9 happy months together, and still talk, and still visit and plan on trying it all over again someday, and he's my bestest friend EVER! *beams with blushes*

5. I'm thinking of putting the Japanese Phrase of the Day and the Item of the Day posts separate in the right column of my blog. What do you think? I keep forgetting to post them daily...UGH! I'M A BUSY WOMAN, DAMNIT! *sigh* Okay, I'll go get on it right now.

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