Friday, 28 March 2008


[photo credit: Newsday]
I love it when bloggers are making it and getting the postivie attention they deserve. It paves the way for us down here. Congrats to my friend Vera Sweeney (who technically IS my friend because she added me on Facebook), owner of I'm Not Obsessed, the popular celebrity culture blog, for her exposure recently in Newsday and getting featured on CBS two days ago. After all this time reading her blog, I never knew what she looked like. She's gorgeous..and she's a mom! It's good to see someone hot in the news these days, who isn't a celebrity in a scandal, or a regular hot person in a scandal. Positive news. I like. Here's her interview with CBS . OOH! She's even hired some employees. PICK ME! PICK ME!...except I don't write about celebrities.

THANKS VERA! I feel more powerful about my blog now. I think it has a chance of getting some higher recognition. And hey, if it doesn't, it was fun writing the hell out of it anyway and I get a kick out of reading my old stuff and going 'I wrote that?!'

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