Saturday, 22 March 2008


Salaam from Abu Dhabi, and Happy Good Friday to those who care; because no one here does. I finally ventured out today so I have things to talk about.

1.BREAKING NEWS! My ex-boyfriend has finally conformed to the Blogosphere and now has his own rant corner called the mind of a eu-phe-mism. Nothing up yet except this hilarious 'About Me' passage:

A site where we try to find the euphemism's of the world. I plan to talk about Politics, Food, Films,Travel, Science and Technology... basically things that interest me. This site is called Euphemism, because I think the word defines who/what I am. An offensive and blunt person with the charming exterior of a choir boy.

Exterior of a fuckin' choir boy. Tis all on that.
YA, so check it out. I'm adding it to my Link List

2. Went to Egypt today to do some shopping for respectable internship clothes at Forever 21. Also got my sushi and starbuck's fix; no, not at the same time. That would be ventricular suicide. Okay, so in case you didn't catch that, no I didn't breezily go to Egypt for the day to shop. I went to the Egypt Section of Ibn Battuta mall in Dubai, which is a mall split up into different parts of the world and decorated in their theme. For our family, 2pm means 5pm and it takes about an hour and a half to two hours to get to Dubai from Abu Dhabi, so we got there at 10pm and didn't get to visit the rest of the world. But I think shopping at Forever 21, while slurping Starbucks and then my family and I indulging in sushi and sashimi, kebabs, and sweet and sour chicken with chop suey means we pretty much got a taste of a ton of cultures anyways so it doesn't matter. It would've been great to have pictures of the rest of the place for you guys but personally I didn't miss out because I've walked through the whole place already on my first visit. I'm too tired to go trying on outfits now for you so that will have to wait another day but here are some Abu Dhabi/Dubai pictures.

ABOVE THREE: Egypt Court at Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

BEHOLD: the stupidest name for a mexican restaurant IN.THE.WORLD.

A massive billboard in homage to the late Father of the Nation, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

A...coat monument on the Corniche taken from my car window.

3. My mom and I are waking bright and early tomorrow to go to 'the white pearl of the Gulf'', the newly finished Sheikh Zayed Mosque. After 12 years of construction, with an estimated spendage of 2.167 billion Durhams, the mosque opened last year for Ramadan. It's one of the 10 largest mosques in the world and can house 40,000 worshippers. It only opens from 9am-11:30am apparently so...gotta catch an early night tonight. And by early I mean 2-ish? I can't do early. My body clock is fucked to bits. This is the best I can do so far, picture-wise (from google) but hopefully tomorrow I'll have a good picture day.

4. According to my ridiculously whacky and fun sources, this month, among other things, is 'National Talk to Your Teen About Sex' month. Now, I like to think that my 17 year old brother, and soon-to-be-in-a-month 13 year old sister, are my teens. I know I am still one, but barely. I am ONE OVER-PROTECTIVE BIG SISTER. You would NOT believe. Today, as the family drove through a highway of nothingness on our way to Dubai, my mother snapping her little fingers to her brazilian music on the 5 track, my brother informed us that tomorrow was him and his girlfriend's monthiversary, marking four happy months together. My sister laughed along with him and blurted "That's all?! I..." She punched feverishly at her Motorola keypad a short and sweet message that read '5 months'. WHAT. THE. HELL. Well, anyways, as crazy as that is for me, the world is heading that way. I'm old. I'll get over it. So, back to my brother. I came home from the gym the other day and found he had a handful of friends over, including this ...GIRL, wearing his hoodie. He tickled her chin when I came in the door and said, "Isn't she gorgeous?"
"Uh huh," I managed.
The two of them usually congregate in his room for hours, and I CAN'T STAND how loud the air conditioning is in this house and how thick and expensive the doors are. I couldn't get an inch of a decibel of sound back to me from that room. All I know is that later, my brother did something clean I have never seen him do. He changed his sheets. OH, TAKE ME BACK! TAKE ME BACK TO MY CAREFREE DAYS! I feel an old crone. My neck hurts and I have knots in my back from all this. He is now on the Corniche (the waterside) fishing with friends, one of whom is THAT GIRL. Fishing my ass...

5. My mother decided to tell me today that she just remembered that the London Philharmonic Orchestra is playing at the Emirates Palace this weekend and next week is Swan Lake. I love how breezily on-dope she is about remembering. Naturally, they are exaggeratedly sold out. And OH YEAH, Dubai Fashion Week ends tomorrow and I already missed Abu Dhabi Fashion Week *mopes*

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