Thursday, 27 March 2008


After all that violin talk, I think I'd like to collect violins; but really special ones. Although I personally am not a fan of the modern electrics that take away from the beautiful curvy shape of the original violin, or carve out their insides like a pumpkin at Halloween time, some I can manage to forgive. Check out these babes called Vivos. Ted Brewer is the genius I want to marry behind them. Check out the details on them on the website if you like, and listen to free samples of their sound too. THEY FUCKING GLOW, OKAY? DO. YOU.UNDERSTAND?"If you’re really looking to attract attention, you can even use these controls to illuminate your playing. The Vivo² has a built-in sound to light facility, which incorporates two vertical banks of super bright LEDs, integrated into the body of the violin. Light pulses along the length of the instrument, complimenting your playing. Of course, the lights can be turned off if not required."*sighs* I'm gonna have to leave it at that for now. I've gone and wet my pants. But I have loads more vamped up violins to show you and add to my future collection in another blog post.

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