Tuesday, 4 March 2008


"Sometimes there is just no way around it- we are boring and we are sick of ourselves, our voice, and the usual material we write about. It's obvious that if even goig to a cafe to write doesn't help, it is time to find other ways. Dye your hair green, paint your nails purple, get your nose pierced, dress as the opposite sex, perm your hair."
"Actually, one small prop can often tip your mind into another place. When I sit down to write, often I have a cigarette hanging out of my mouth. If I'm in a cafe that has a "No Smoking" sign, then my cigarette is unlit. I don't actually smoke anywah, so it doesn't matter. The cigarette is a prop to help me dream into another world. It wouldn't work so well if I ordinarily smoked. You need to do something you don't usually do."
"Borrow your friend's black leather motorcycle jacket, walk across the coffee shop like a Hell's Angel, and sit down and write. Put on a beret or house shoes and a nightgown, wear work boots, farmer's overalls, a three-piece suit, wrap yourself in an American flag or wear curlers in your hair. Just sit down to write in a state you don't ordinarily sit down to write in. Try writing on a large drawing pad. Wear all white and a stethoscope around your neck- whatever it takes to simply see the world from another angle."

My Goddess Natalie Goldberg, author of my 'March Book of the Month' on the right says the coolest things. Now, mind you, I don't think it's all that spectacular of an outfit but normally when I sit down to write I'm in a dingy hoodie and a bad mood. I started making a little effort when I head out to write in public. It makes me feel more like a writer for some reason, because people sort of expect a writer to look 'cool' and chill, snug in a cafe corner staring at you with a pen scratching his/her chin. This is what I wore last at Starbucks where I put forth a very fruitful three hour writing session, with the help of my Grande customized iced coffee.

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