Wednesday, 5 March 2008


You find yourself with something in your wardrobe that you realised you would NEVER wear. My item would be these Tahari boots compulsively bought in San Jose, CA in January. HOW did it happen?

It happened because:
-They were designer and on sale at $60.
-You were heading back home after running off over Christmas break to the US in an attempt to save a relationship that did not want to be saved, you got dumped, and you found yourself in a department store with your ex the night before flying out.
-Like I said, you got dumped. Twice. So you needed retail therapy. The States is cheaper too.
-You thought they looked pretty awesome on you from a tequila girl point of view, and it was refreshing to see after always being either fashionably grungy, hippy or sophisticated all the time.
-You were advised by one of the stockers in the store, who first commended you for wearing a Siouxsie and the Banshees t-shirt AND knowing who they even were, that you definitely needed to buy them because you looked hot, and your ex was right there too.

In this last one I'm shouting at them for being so RETARDED!


Weeping Shadows said...

I think the boots look kinda cool...

Boots are not for me but they look good on ya girl!

Anonymous said...

you are crazy! you look super cute in ALL the outfit variations that you tried with the boots!
PS. this is Sally

thelonelylondoner said...

Thanks guys. I guess I might wear it out some time then...I wore it once and it just didn't work...but I guess that's because it was to a party I had to go to the same day I came back from the states and I figured I needed to get a move on with the 'look at me lookin hot and happy without u' pics so my ex could see them on Facebook lol