Monday, 24 March 2008


Doesn't that picture just scream that?

Not much to report because yesterday I stayed in and shovelled junk into my mouth all day. So, as a result, I locked myself out of the house today and tried to do something actively adventurous. I mean, I'm a resident of this place I don't even know anything about, except where all the Starbucks branches are. My sister curses me in arabic and runs off snickering because she knows I'm clueless.

Anyways, I found myself on a man-made island with a notebook, a pen and sand between my toes. Got a lot of writing done, as well as some studying, AND ESPECIALLY a lot of walking done, being permanently, happily lost. There were camels on the island! that we could ride, but when I got to the pen the workers were at the mosque praying because they were on break. I was in a strong writing frame of mind anyways so I sat myself near the pristine blue water's edge, watching the city amidst a cloud of fog on the other side of the water, and dished out some words.

It was the weirdest thing. Every now and then a part of the water would start to bubble and splash, as if the Loch Ness was about to surface, and flocks of birds would come rushing at the spot and scoop up fat fish. And then all was quiet again. And once, when I looked up, I could see absolutely nothing to the right and left of me; no more thatched umbrellas with disgustingly red-faced tourists underneath, no sandy shore, no palm trees. A strange fog had approached us. It soon dispersed, after like, an hour. Creepy as fuck. I nearly didn't see the bus coming towards me at the stop.

But it was such a great day, minus the jacked up tourist trinkets this arab woman at Heritage Village was trying to sell me and a throng of excited Europeans handing over their cash.


Guerreira said...

aaaaaaaaaaaah, jealous!!! in dear london it is even snowing! don't rush back!

thelonelylondoner said...

GOD I was hoping the snow thing in london was just that one day! I don't even have a decent thick sweater with me for my return! *panics* Coming back on the 3rd