Friday, 28 March 2008


Shit, I can't even see the keyboard. Hold on. I thought I could do this without the light but I'm proving myself foolishly wrong. Lemme get the light.


You know what just happened? I woke up at a very reasonable morning hour, took a shower, did laundry, ate two bran muffins that really got my stomach going with all their fibry goodness, did YOU KNOW WHAT as a result, went through my blogroll, and did a good amount of work on my college essays, while talking to my mom who was calling from some Hilton in Manchester, where she is probably sexually holed up with my dad, the pilot, for the weekend.

I was just checking my sitemeter stats, checking how many people are interested in reading my dirt, when suddenly the exotic voice of the Islamic nation on speaker came on, resonating around the city. It's evening prayer time! And sure enough, I looked up from the blue screen illuminating my face, and everything was dark! Is that how my day is supposed to end? THAT WAS BORING! I was gonna go for Starbucks and a mini shopping spree! I mean, technically, as it's Friday and the muslims just go weekend crazy, resulting in all the shops closing at 2am, I can still go, but man! It's nearly 7pm and according to me, I had just finished starting my day.

And usually at 8pm, I plant myself in front of the TV for all the ridiculously censored B-movies until midnight. LAME, LAME, LAME! No wonder I haven't heard my brother and sister all day. They actually knew what time it was! I'm the only one home. Hello?

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