Thursday, 13 March 2008


My last blog post was Tuesday. Sorry. Ever since I had a tutorial with my Poetry lecturer about how much my poems are lacking imagery, vitality and the actual POINT of poetry altogether, I've been boozing like a maniac. But I CAN say I've been quite regular with my Japanese phrase of the day, as well as my Item of the Day. Ya, in case you missed the memo, those two topics have been moved to the right column and have their own little sections.

So after the bad news, which I was surprised to find that I didn't break down in the middle of hearing it, which would've been the old Kara reaction to life being hard, I went to this quaint American Diner for breakfast at lunchtime with my friend Sherel. Now, I am aware that these diners serve some awesome milkshakes, and they DID look awesome, and were the perfect indulgence for the occasion, but I was quite surprised and elated to find out that they had Pinot Grigio on their menu too, so naturally I had 3 glasses of cheap ass red that had no effect on me whatsoever. Only in Britain.

Failure to launch from my depression resulted in us next heading to Hammersmith where we ended up at Edward's. There, I manhandled two cocktails at the same time; a Junebug and an After Six. Sherel tried a Cosmopolitan for the first time and was surprised to find out that Carrie from Sex and the City liked it so much and felt cheated all these years that it wasn't a pleasure to drink. She should've trusted me as a former bartender on that one. Cranberry juice and Cointreau? LAME DOT COM! Plus I showed her how to hold it properly, from the stem, which after two sips like that, resulted in her toppling the glass. 'Fuck this'.

I got boozy again last night, which wasn't my intention, but the day was so drawn out and boring, and then I started watching my OC dvd's, and then I emailed my first ever boyfriend, NOT expecting to get a response back, but I did...and then there was Facebook friend requesting and back and forth emailing going on. But he's actually great, and we're having quite healthy conversation considering the situation (first person to ever dump me in my history of being dumped). I woke up and found that I had gained a friend, and lost one (Sherel, naturally. We got in another fight). Yuh know, the fight would've been way cooler to talk about if it involved slamming a door in someone's face instead of having to say I simply signed out of MSN Messenger and the fight was over. It would also be worth talking about if I hadn't expected it. She has anger management issues. And lastly, it would also be worth talking about if I even remembered it. SO THERE. WE ARE NOT TALKING. END OF STORY.

I finally freed my hair of its extensions. I am now wholly au natural, and loving it, especially how much my hair has grown over the year. I had an incident in Abu Dhabi when I first moved there and experimented with new stylists. Basically I had to cut all my hair off and start from scratch when they were done with me. And no, suing is not an option out there. But now, roughly a year later since the cut, I am now the proud owner of the almost-shoulder-length-hair length! I'm so happy. It's so healthy, and so thick, and so not all gone anymore! I'll do a before and after picture post when I actually get it professionally overseen first because right now it's all frizzy and shit. I'm not quite the wizard yet with my new GHD hair straightener.

SO, What's going on today? Well, I'm NOT going to the gym, I am NOT meeting Sherel like we planned to last night because we are now not talking, but I AM visiting Starbucks, and buying some needed toiletries for my trip (heading home on Sunday for Spring Break). I also have a major hour long tutorial with my lecturer where three of my short stories are going to sweat it out in the spotlight for her. I am so scared, considering the Poetry feedback earlier this week, and the fact that people have been reading my work and going 'It's interesting'. IT'S INTERESTING? INTERESTING is the stupidest most fucked word in the whole English language. PLEASE. I prefer for you to tell me you flat out hated the shit. Take it back. Tell me it sucked. Don't give a writer that crap; that my stuff is INTERESTING. PFFT! Annnndddddd....I'mmmm back to being normal. Sorry, I needed to get that out. I'm glad I managed not to call any names just then. *pats back*

And okay, I have a headache, so I am going to have a quick nap before Judgement Day.

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