Monday, 17 March 2008


It is 5:18am Abu Dhabi time. I got in from Heathrow and a relentless day about 3 hours ago. I have strategically placed my things in my strategically placed room away from dorm, I have just taken a well deserved shower, had a glass of water, am responding to emails and Facebook and the like, but really need to just let my body marinate for a bit and get my brain unscrambled before I fill you guys in on my weekend and flight highlights. And boy are there some highlights. So bare with me.

P.S. What should I call these Abu Dhabi segments? As this IS a blog devoted to me being a Lonely Londoner, but a girl's gotta come home every now and then...and travel. This summer, there will be MUCH of that, so much so that 5 months of my blog will be completely UNdevoted to Lonely Londoner lifestyle. What can I say? It's hard to keep up with an international student. Goodnight!

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