Monday, 24 March 2008


I'm really disappointed in my blog posts as of late. They are absolutely mind-numbingly boring. It's so sad. What do I blog about? I'm trying so hard to keep this from becoming a full-on fashion blog. There are too many bloggers out there who specialize the fuck out of fashion. I'm getting bored. I'm nowhere in their league and that's fine. Because I want more of me and you, and the guy from Longyourbyen in my blog ; earthly phenomena, beautiful things, the dead and the living, the arts, prose and poetry, black and white photos, Wikihow's and things you didn't know existed. The truth, lies, people and places in loopy what the fuck situations. Yuh know? I thought I had it for a while; right where I wanted. But it's slowly faltering. Maybe I'm just going through a rough blogging patch.

ACTUALLY, maybe I should just shut the fuck up and keep blogging.

Ya. That's my unique way of saying I won't give up.

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Guerreira said...

hey, don't give up...the beauty of blogs is the mix of great posts and random weird stuff, which reflects life, me thinks...