Wednesday, 19 March 2008


SO, my friend Trisha in L.A. who I lived with for a while, is now a writer for LA Splash and just sent me her coverage article on Nicky Hilton's Fall 2008 line for 'Nicholai', where bondage meets equestrian. Isn't that awesome? (The Trisha bit AND the trend bit lol). I'm posting the article because I am oh so proud of herrr, and because aspects of Nicky's line aren't half bad. I mean, it isn't in the slightest ground-breaking stuff but I would LOVE to be able to pull off latex leggings (you have to be skinny in an almost dead way to pull that off) and I love the equestrian chic trend; riding boots, riding hats, whips...

Reminds me of my horseback riding days back in Trinidad. I used to ride a cute white mare called Starsky. One day, I realised she was all fat, and they said she was severely pregnant and I needed to choose another horse for a while. So I chose one called Pumpkin, who was also white, and very freckly; also very mischievous. Kinda like Lindsay Lohan, huh?

ANYWAY, I SPY RANDOM TANGENTS! HERE ARE SOME OF NICHOLAI'S SPRING OUTFITS (because Trisha's article already shows you some Fall pictures)

I definitely prefer the Fall line but yellow is nice.

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