Monday, 18 February 2008


Why did I have to be the one to procrastinate and yet still manage to complete a classic short story, copy out 500 words of text and read four short stories and analyse them ALL in one day (yesterday) to find out from my friends, and much later, my lecturer, that class was cancelled tomorrow?? It is so ironic how after writing out word number 500 onto my page, which was the last bit of homework I had left doing, that I would receive a Facebook wall post from a classmate saying how happy she was that we had no class.

I'm not mad that we have no class but it's definitely something I look forward to in the week, seeing as my week consists of two classes and two 3 hr shifts at the yoga studio; C'EST TOUT! Now I'm probably going to have to just sit home reading core and secondary fiction texts, cast a spell somehow on my brain in order to create at LEAST 3,000 words of very damn good prose and go to yoga everyday. I was thinking of taking a class tomorrow though. Hmm.

Here's the email I got a few hours ago from my awesome lecturer (she says 'lol', and bad words! hehe):

Hi Kara, Don't worry: I realise that I didn't have you in my email addresses because you weren't there first class, so you weren't on the list I took. This is the email I just sent out. So sorry for the confusion. Thanks for double checking.

Dear All,I believe that many of you have been sitting and praying for class tomorrow to be put off, despite my saying it's on. Well, believe it or not, tomorrow's class, the 18th, IS NOW CANCELLED. I believe the prayers have worked. My voice is now non-existent and any effort I might have made to talk is a joke.
Oh dear. I am so very sorry. It would have been a good class too! This means something very important, and I really need you all to pay attention to this: We miss TWO classes, now. No class tomorrow because of my voice; no class on the 25th because I'm doing tutorials. And I am not messing any more people around! THE NEXT TIME WE MEET WILL BE MARCH 3RD.Sigh. But never fear. I am a fab teacher and you are all fab students, so we will make up for it, and nothing will be lost, I promise.Except perhaps a little patience with the blasted teacher that keeps sending you emails.
Ironic, I think Alanis Morisette would say. But then she thinks everything's ironic.

PS: Those of you who've been putting spells on me can stop now :-)Leone

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Josh said...

your teacher is pretty cool it seems like, they don't make them like that much these days =(