Wednesday, 6 February 2008


I noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in some of my photos recently, when I started reminiscently going through my 22 Facebook photo albums; I take a lot of photos in bathrooms/cubicles. Let's have a look.

Here we are, at a club, Zen, in Trinidad- me very excited about being there, although pretty drunk at the same time. That drink was a scotch and redbull that didn't have any red bull in it.

And here I am in the bathroom at Slug and Lettuce in the O2 arena after a Marley Bros. concert. See the hand dryer? Bathroom.

Me again, bathroom stall at Club E3. This was taken a month ago.

BATHROOM STALL! At Ghetto in Soho, like...last week! While the lesbians stood outside getting pissed off with their bladders trembling.

Bathroom, my dorm room. I was drunk.

COSTUME PARTY! CLEARLY. At my cousin Beck's flat for a Tarts and Vicars party. Drunk.

And lastly, my most embarassing, at the age of 16, pretending to be sexy and awesome for Hi5. Yes, that is a party-blower, and I will point out the bottle of Sauza tequila in the background, and if you asked me what my thoughts were on this, I would just shake my head.


Weeping Shadows said...

lol... bathroom pics rule, though?


Guerreira said...

I always have the same face on pictures, kind of a drag queen blowing a kiss. My mom hates it and always tells me "ok, I will take a picture now but don't make your horrible picture face, just look nice".

thelonelylondoner said...

hahaha i used to do the peace sign thing all the time. then wen i was all punk-rocker rebellious, it was the middle finger. Now, I don't have a face/pose. It all depends on the level of intoxication i guess lol. Nowadays though, when sober and just having picture crazy fun, I smile very pleasantly. I really hate smiling...I don't like how I look but I'm getting into it more.