Sunday, 3 February 2008


This week flew away a lot faster than my last, I must say. Very productive week all the same.

I went to that journalism workshop, which was brilliant, and expect to hear back from my one-day tutor with feedback on my breaking news story. I'm reasonably proud of the outcome.

I still haven't found a job or any work experience but I have a couple publications in mind to apply to in the Middle East so I can have something to do when I head back home for summer vacation. And when I say 'something', I mean other than swaddling myself in sheets, laptop to the left of me, ipod to the right and television straight ahead with 'Beaches' coming on next.

I'm in the middle of watching Stephen King's 'It' right now. I wish my brother was here to watch it with me. He is probably one of the few people I know who appreciate it because we welcomed it as our first horror movie experience back when we were 'chisai'(that's my japanese word of the day; 'small'. Just making sure I remember). None of the real scary bits have come up yet, however, minus the awesome beginning where the kid with the sailboat gets lured in by 'It', who is talking to him from the little drainage space in the road. HOW CREEPY!? Can't wait to post this sucker and see what happens next.

I've started using my window ledge as a mini fridge. My Brita and a can of coke are out there at the moment. It's a very seasonal mini-fridge though and I dread the summer day when it will no longer work. We're only allowed one 'chisai' shelf of space in the flat's fridge and I just did my groceries, so bare with me while I write about this small miracle. It means a lot to me. I'm sure you'll understand and appreciate this a lot more when you start living in dorms.

In other news, my mother says she's going to call me today! Another small miracle when you live on your own in a foreign country. It's a good thing too because I just pathetically signed myself up for a Stardoll account out of boredom, and have been decorating my suite and living in a 'chisai' virtual world with uber fabulous clothes. The people on there are 12!

For the record, I am not completely loser-ish, only in small doses. But I went to (*clears throat*), no, was specifically called up and cordially invited to, a house party last night and drank loads of cider in response to the popular drinking game 'Never Ever', so HA!

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