Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I can't sleep. I keep turning expecting to find a serpent stretched out next to me ogling my body. My friend told me the scariest true story today.

Her friend owned a large snake that started to act strangely after she had it for some time. It stopped eating, and had not eaten for months. It also started slithering next to her in bed and stretching out motionless as if it were dead. Then it would resume normalcy.

Naturally, she started to worry about her pet and called a vet to describe his symptoms. The vet then said, "Oh. My. God. Get you and everyone out of the house now. When snakes do that (stretch out next to you), they are checking the length of your body to see if they can eat you. And you mentioned that he hasn't eaten in months? Get out of there!"

CAN YOU BELIEVE?! Can someone please confirm this story for me because although my heart has never sprinted around my body the way it did today hearing this, I still kind of want to be told that this is not true because snakes as pets can be SO COOL!...or not :(

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Weeping Shadows said...

Meh. Britney Spears.

She just destroys everyone's dreams doesn't she?