Thursday, 21 February 2008


*Isn't that the loveliest thing you've ever heard? It is my friend Sian's Facebook status update. Sian has the passion of a thousand passion fruits!

* Jiinzu o kaitai. Translation: I want to buy jeans. Actually, I want to buy ANYTHING, because I can't. I am only 2 weeks in with my Lenten shopping ban (40 days). It all ends March 23rd. That's before Spring Break, right? RIGHT?! In case you didn't catch it, that was also your Japanese Phrase of the Day (object + o kaitai = I want to buy (object). Love it or leave it.

* Have you chosen yet? Your book, I mean. You know, for World Book Day. 6th of March. World Book Day traditionally took place on 23 April (Shakespeare's birthday and St George's Day). From 2001 this was changed to the first Thursday in March to avoid clashes with Easter holidays and allow schools to take part. If you haven't yet chosen, and can't choose, I found this really cool website that challenges to find the right book for you. Check it out. There are actual metres where you can click on the level of funny/sad, safe/disturbing, easy/demanding, short/long, you would like in your book.
I've actually chosen to read lots of Hanif Kureishi, as he is my author of choice at the mo, so I ordered, and just received, two of his books 'Midnight All Day' and 'Love in a Blue Time' from Amazon; which is also great because I've chosen to do my Editorial Analysis Essay on his story Four Blue Chairs. I STRESS, READ IT! Or, find your own book on that link up there. What will you be reading? SEND ME COMMENTS! I like.

* ITEM OF THE DAY (Yes, I'm doing everything on one ridiculously long post, because I can, and I really hated being absent but I was fulfilling my yogi duties).
These, I found bookmarked on my laptop from maybe a year ago; the GeeWaWa Hip distressed leather boots in silver. Order them from zappos now for the reduced price of $178 (was $223.95). Smitten.

* BJORK IN APRIL! Are you going? You are?! Oh, fab! Get me tickets. Let's go together. It's just a 72 bus ride away from my flat, in Hammersmith. What is so funny about my Lenten shopping ban, is that I can't tell whether or not I can buy these tickets for a show in April, LONG AFTER my ban has been lifted. You understand the urgency of buying concert tickets months beforehand, right? So, would that be cheating?

* BIG UP TO MY TRINI SALLY! My girl is now officially blogging on her intern escapades at Teen Vogue. Aint she cute? She doesn't like the picture, but we should all let her know how adorable we think she is.P.S. WOW! I just saw that Jazzi is 18. Totally hasn't registered, and never will. She is at least 22 to me.

* Yesterday, my wee little Sony Vaio TR3A Series Notebook nearly died. If you don't know what it's like to have an electronic friend's life flash before your very eyes, I want everyone reading this to take a moment and JUST THINK about what your life would be like if we were still in a world where we had to put pen to paper and shell out 3,000 word literary essays, could not read or write cool blogs like this, or communicate with the world at large by picking at a keyboard. Yes, we are all considerably lazier because of it, but can we really live without computers? Do you know how valuable Skype is to an International student? *Sigh* That really shook me.

* I'm a Neo Polyvorist, by the way. Did you know? If you missed out on my Greenery set, which you shouldn't have, because it's the post right under this one, then, as soon as the bloody website is done with its conveniently scheduled maintenance at this hour, I will post another set I did one 6AM on things my future NYC loft will be wearing. I hope my future husband is a blog reader.

* Diesel likes quirky cool advertising. The last set of ads they did were 'Global Warming Ready'. Now there are these interesting Live Fast ones. You know that phrase "Live Fast, Die Young"? Well, I think this is sort of a secret gesture/message to us. Diesel scares me. They like telling us we're going to die soon. And that last ad reminds me of the ever-lovely and all stitched up Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas; also a very gloomy subject (but at least it's in a fun way.)

* You know that Mika song 'Big Girl'(You Are Beautiful)? And how they had that great video shoot in London with all those curvaceous beautiful women (who weren't really all that big, a mon avie) dancing around him in fabulous shiny get-ups? Well, I started making small talk with my new co-workers at the bikram yoga centre, and, my new friend there, from Canada, is a West End theatre actress, currently casting for High School Musical and Hairspray and the like. She's done some other great shows I sadly can't remember. She also told me, she was in that video! AND DON'T YOU JUST HATE IT WHEN YOU INSTANTLY RECOGNIZE THE FACE UPON HEARING THAT? YOU JUST CLICK? It really was her! I remember! Here she is on set in the orange glittery dress. Although she's not that big anymore and the yoga is making her lose weight (5 lbs in 2 weeks!). SO EXCITING! Maybe I should start looking into theatre shows now...*cough*DISCOUNTS*cough*

* Speaking of yoga, I just want to point out how proud I am of yesterday's class. I got a REALLY deep energizing stretch and executed fabulous pro-level postures, ESPECIALLY my Dandayamana-Janushirasana pose. I actually gasped in the middle of performing it because my head had finally touched my knee lol.

*PHEW! I think I'll leave it at that for now, don't ya think that should last you guys for a while? My work here is done. Have a great Thursday everyone.


Jazzi McG said...

Hi Kara! Just wanted to say hi, and thank your for your kind words. It's always cool to know people are enjoying my blog! Best of luck with everything, let me know if you ever have questions!

ps- I'm actually almost 20!

thelonelylondoner said...

HAHAHAHAHA heya Jazzi. Cool hearing from u. I guess the 18 thing was from when you interned at Teen Vogue. Sorry about that. I thought you were still there for some reason. Ya, your blog is so fun! Wish u had more time to do posts tho. Actually, that may not necessarily be a good wish on your part lol.

keep in touch!

Sally said...

kara! thank you! :) you are so sweet