Saturday, 16 February 2008


BAD GIRL! *slaps Rihanna*

I would prefer not to do posts on Rihanna because apart from Heath Ledger's passing, this is not a celebrity-idolizing blog; having said that, I do not think much of Rihanna at all. I will not post why because I am not here to talk about that.

How bad were her fashion choices for the Grammy's though?

She normally looks pleasantly fashionable, not my style, but good enough for the public eye. I don't mind so much the middle nude coloured dress but...she needs to take it down a notch for her age, especially on stage. The girl is my age- 19! S&M stage outfits? I suggest not, unless she wants her camera crew to rape her backstage or something. Okay, I need to stop. I am getting heated.

Having said all that, I actually am also SMITTEN with her James Dean hairstyle in the second picture. If I still had short hair, that's what I would be doing with it right now. ABSOLUTELY. *pats Rihanna LIGHTLY on the back*

Here are some of her past performance outfits and a naughty photoshoot with Robin Thicke, to his enjoyment, I'm sure. Although his partner, who I think is half black, is pretty darn hot enough. I'm itching just posting these. LITTLE GIRL, WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER?!

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