Sunday, 24 February 2008


While I'm working on my short stories, eating leftover pizza and reading 'What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers' I thought I'd leave you with this barrage of youtube stuffs that somehow may or may not have been related to my weekend's events.

First,the lovely CSS(Cansei de Ser Sexy) and their 'Alala' music video which I'm crushing on. I remember passing over it ages ago somewhere on Myspace(I think my ex came across the make-up artist's page). I thought, Oh my, I would sex Lovefoxxx, the asian looking Brazilian lead-singer. But according to the band's name, she's tired of being sexy. Oh well. PS. Who wants her prom dress?? Smitten.

Then, Vampire Weekend. A just as awesome video. Don't you think if the OC did a season 5 (PLEASE, GOD, PLEASE!) that this band would be on the mix and be featured playing at their one hangout 'The Bait Shop'? The OC mixes are too cool for school. Buy em. ALL! And Vampire Weekend's album too. They're so...Seth Cohen's friends!

After coming home drunk from the bars last night and inexplicably ordering a LARGE feta cheese, barbecue sauce, mushrooms and meat pizza for my vegetarian self, I sat down to watch 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU with more wine. Here's Heath singing *cringe*. It's the part with the intense eyes! Look at when he sits down and sings the last line "Let me love yoooooouuuuu". *sighs miserably* SUCH A GREAT MOVIE, YOU GUYS! I know the entire script.

My asian ex boyfriend likes sharing asian things with me (OTHER than what you're thinking), like boba tea and unagiyaki (my loves), filipino food (I know this is weird because pinoy food is 90% meat, the remaining 10 being the rice of course, but I made an exception because he threw a flip fit. You know those pinoys and their food...), and the Filipeanut blog, which is HILARIOUS! He sent me the quiz 'How Filipino are you?' on Facebook the other day, which I of course failed, because I AM TRINIDADIAN! lol Anyway, he wrote on my wall to say, "Awww Not Flip?..don't've had so much you're like an honorary Filipino". How embarassing can he be? Anyways, here's Beau Sia, a famous asian spoken word performer. Great. Stuff.

SON OF RAMBOW. I saw the trailer for this on Friday night when I went to see the awesome Be Kind Rewind (Jack Black is God and Mos Def's voice is annoying). Son of Rambow just looks so fun and is such a great idea. It also reminded me of Be Kind Rewind actually because this kid is making his own movie with the help of some strangers.

Speaking of Be Kind Rewind, they're featuring the movies Jack Black and Mos Def had to make in the movie itself on their website. Does that make sense? Ya. Okay. They 'sweded' Rush Hour 2, Ghostbusters, Driving Miss Daisy, La Lettre, LOTR, Boyz in the Hood...Here's the trailer but even better is the website. It's so interactive and fun. Go Swede yourself into a movie!

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