Monday, 18 February 2008


As you know, after taking a hint by my classmates rejoicing on facebook, I HAVE NO CLASS THIS WEEK! So here is how my Monday has started.

I went through my blogroll and naturally was excited about what iCing darling Gala had to say last. She did a post on Neogoth, which has re-inspired me. Yes, I was a goth. I listened to, and still do in small doses, Lacuna Coil, Cradle of Filth, Nightwish, Paradise Lost, yadda yadda...And I remember long ago, shopping with my mother, seeing a large dripping black chandalier and saying, 'Mark my gothic words, Mother, when I get my own place and become a full-blown adult, THAT chanadalier will be hanging over my large clawfoot bathtub.' (I didn't really say it like that, but I can dream). She chuckled and said to me, 'Honey, you're not going to be a goth forever. You'll grow out of it.' But I didn't want to..I worried about that constantly. I wanted to still follow gothic values but I didn't want to look ridiculous picking up my kids from school in platform combat boots, Manson contact lenses and PVC.

So only God knows how much I rejoiced when the Neogoth trend came into being. This morning, thanks to Gala, I decided to have a brief stint of random fun. I put on a Neogoth-esque look just to go to the campus main office and inquire about a package I was expecting from Amazon; the office is 20 paces diagonally from my dorm room. That's how fun it was. I made a stop at the vending machine for Peanut M&M's too just so I could stay a little longer in my outfit. THANK YOU GALA, FOR RE-INSTILLING THE GOTHIC FAITH!

Average Everyday Sane/Psycho Supergoddess! No, not the Liz Phair song but the blog. It is hilarious, ESPECIALLY the latest post ('because the best way to get over someone who's not that into you...') on rolling around drunkenly in bed with her gay friend Marquis. This is officially my blog of the week, even though I do no such category on here. Proceed and Read.

And OMG, If I were kinky to the core, and were a fiancee and had a hen night, I would request that my girlies got me these as gifts. I found them in a post on my new favourite blog, above. Notice I said IF I was a hardcore sex-maniac. Personally, I would like to receive the bunny and peacock tail ones. LOL I feel so embarassed posting this. If you're a Frenzied Fucker, here's the website with a WIDE range of sex crazies.

hehehehe if you don't like rabbits or birds, there are fox tails, blonde and red ponytails...*smirks*


jolie said...


woweee! thank you so much sweet thing, and back at ya! OH! and I see you read the bunny blog too... we were meant to find one another, I worship that darn girl!

thelonelylondoner said...

hehe! Ya, the Bunny Blog has such great content. Is she a writer? Her stuff on her depressing summer is absolutely stunning. yes, we should be together lol.
You blog is such a great read as well! I found it through College Callgirl, but she doesn't post as often so I started checking out her blogroll in her absence lol.