Tuesday, 12 February 2008


This fantastic picture on Face Hunter got me to write this post on tattoos. I wonder where this girl works. Probably some uber fantastic thrift store. THEY ALWAYS work at some thrift store!The truth is, I've been thinking about getting another one for some time now; just a small one. But I've been really worried about being pigeon-holed into the 'addicted inker' category. Like, how much is too much? And even though Angelina is paying thousands to gradually remove some of hers, I can still see them. I don't want to make the mistake of a lifetime; literally.

I love me that one poignant statement of a tattoo, and just the one. And mine is set into skin right there on my back already(a Man Ray that I got on my 18th) but things like tattooing and piercing can be both addictively dangerous and dangerously addictive. I never intended to go too far. In fact, only until I saw that Man Ray picture 3 years ago in some Fashion through the ages coffee table read, did I decide I had to NOT hate or fear tattoos anymore. I had serious respect for that tattoo. I thought it had chosen me because I have been playing the violin since I was 5 and it has been a big part of my life; that is, until I started University.

But what about one in a more exposed area? What about work? I mean, Becks and Posh just updated their vast ink collection, and that one awesome blogger/teen vogue intern Jazzy(I think that's her name because I've lost her blessed blog and love it to bits and am really anxious to find it again) just got a really exciting Alice in Wonderland inspired one that says "Contrarywise" running down her arm. I'm thinking, well, all the jobs I'm going to have are going to be freelancer positions or things as such; working in editorial or features or what have you. Of course, this is not certain. I mean, my father could easily lose his job tomorrow, have me abandon my degree and inform me of my clerical doom in some snorathon office for the rest of my life, where it is totally taboo to have a tattoo. But basically, a creative working atmosphere gives you creative license, right? The gay thing about my tattooed people examples is that they have all 'made it', whatever 'making it' means.

So someone tell me, because the spot on my skin where I have marked as my next ink location is itching. Has The Almighty Office overcome its prejudices against the tattooed tribes? Is just being good at what you do now enough? *SIGH* I am going to have to do many more posts on this. I can't believe something that disgusted me 3 years ago has become a blooming obsession. But look at how beautiful they can be! (The second one in b/w is mine)
I just added this last one because although her toenails are mangled, this tattoo would look great with pumps.


Sally said...
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Sally said...

hey kara- it's sally. this is jazzi's blog in case you havent found it yet:

thelonelylondoner said...

YOU'RE A DOLL! Thanks. She's so funny.