Monday, 25 February 2008


I'm on a writing retreat todayyyy!
It seems The Craft is coming to me more and more frequently these days, the more material I read. WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT?! lol j/k. So...since my lecturer has once again cancelled a session with her this week I must tutorialize myself!
I'm sure I'll be itching later and feel the need to write a post but for now, while I go sit in Starbucks penning and papering and timing my laundry cycle in the campus laundromat (since people like to throw your intimates out to use the machines), I'll leave you with this THING:

With Sincerest Regrets
Like a white snail the toilet slides into the living room, demanding to be loved.

It is impossible, and we tender our sincerest regrets.
In the book of the heart there is no mention made of plumbing.
And though we have spent our intimacy many times with you,
You belong to an unfortunate reference, which we would rather not embrace....

The toilet slides out of the living room like a white snail, flushing with grief....

-Russell Edson

Personally, I love the toilet, Apparently I like taking pictures with him around. Here we are having a moment:

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